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When I Work and Square

You can integrate your Square account with When I Work to schedule your hourly team members and incorporate time tracking tools.

Connect your Square Account with When I Work

To use this integration, make sure you have:

Note: If you are subscribed to Square Payroll, you will not be required to enable any roles or permissions. You will only need to add team members to your Team Member List from your online Square Dashboard.

To connect your account with When I Work:

  1. Visit App integrations in your online Square Dashboard and click Get Started next to When I Work.

  2. Sign in to your When I Work account > select App Settings > Integrations.

  3. Click Connect. You’ll then be prompted to sign in to your Square account. Note: Be sure to enter the email address and password for your master Square account.

  4. Choose which items you’d like to sync. Note: Make sure your existing locations, team members and permission groups/roles have the same name and spelling in both Square and When I Work before syncing.

  5. Click Save.

Tips for Syncing Accounts

Syncing Data between your Square and When I Work account is synced based on names, so make sure you confirm spellings before setting up this integration. You are required to manually sync your data from When I Work under the Square integration page.
Locations New locations will only sync from Square to When I Work, so make sure to set up locations in your Square account first. Note: Locations in When I Work align with Square schedules.
Permission Groups If you’re using Square to manage your team, permission groups in your Square account align with positions in When I Work. If multiple positions will be used per team member, these items shouldn’t be synced. Team members synced from When I Work can only be assigned to one permission group in Square. Note: This does not apply to accounts subscribed to Square Payroll.
Team Members Most team member data from Square will sync with When I Work, but Square team member IDs and phone numbers will not sync. If a team member doesn’t yet exist in Square, you can enter their information into When I Work to save any additional information to that account. Team Member data from When I Work can also be pushed to Square. A team member pushed to Square will remain inactive until an team member ID is entered.
Timesheets Timesheets will sync between Square and When I Work for completed shifts when a team member clocks out on the same system they used to clock in.

Pricing and Billing

While your billing information for When I Work is managed through your Square account, When I Work features, services, and pricing are managed by When I Work directly.

Learn more about When I Work’s pricing on their website.

Support for When I Work

If you have any questions about using When I Work, visit their Help Center or contact their Support Team.