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Retrieve And Upload Year-To-Date Payroll Records - CSV Template

If you entered year-to-date (YTD) gross pay for one or more of your employees when signing up for Square Payroll, we need additional information to file your tax returns and W-2s correctly.

Our CSV template allows you to enter in this information for all employees you’ve paid this year, including those no longer with your business.

Haven’t been paying employee taxes at all or don’t know what your liability is? Contact us.

Tips and Instructions for Completing the CSV Template

Please keep the following tips and instructions in mind when completing the CSV template:

  • Use the CSV template that matches the first month when you ran payroll with Square Payroll. If the CSV template that automatically populates for you does not match the first month in which you processed payroll with Square Payroll, please contact us.

  • Pay and taxes should be entered based on employee pay date, not the payroll period for which employees are receiving pay. For example, if employees worked during the pay period of March 16 - March 31 but were paid on April 5th, these amounts should be included in April in Q2.

  • Include all employees you have paid in the current calendar year, including those who are no longer working for you. To add additional employees to the spreadsheet, copy and paste the employee template. For information on copying and pasting cells in Excel, read more here.

  • When entering the breakdown of taxes paid to your employees, only include employee taxes. For example, you should only enter the employee portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes, not the employer portion.

  • Include all tax liabilities for your employees, even if the tax payments haven’t been made.

  • If you are located in a state that does not have applicable state taxes, enter in 0s for those fields.

Payroll Terms Used in the CSV Template

  • Gross pay - Employee pay earned, including employee taxes.

  • Net pay - Employee pay received, excluding employee taxes. Employee net pay should equal gross pay minus the employee tax amounts.*

  • Year-to-date (YTD) - Calendar year to the present day.

  • Q1 - January 1 through March 31

  • Q2 - April 1 through June 30

  • Q3 - July 1 through September 30

  • Q4 - October 1 through December 31

  • Federal Income - Employee federal income tax. Also known as: Fed FIT, FIT, Federal Income Tax.

  • Social Security - Employee Social Security tax. Include employee portion only. Also known as: Fed SocSec, SS, EE SS TAX, EE FICA (FICA includes both Social Security and Medicare taxes).

  • Medicare - Employee Medicare tax.  Include employee portion only. Also known as: MedCare, Med, EE MED TAX, EE FICA (FICA includes both Social Security and Medicare taxes).

  • State Income - (Only applicable in states with State Income taxes). Employee state income tax.

  • State Disability - (Only applicable in states with State Income taxes). Employee state disability insurance.

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