Retrieve And Upload Year-To-Date Payroll Records - ADP

If you entered in year-to-date (YTD) gross pay for one or more of your employees when signing up for Square Payroll, we need additional information to file your tax returns and W-2s correctly.

The following report will provide us with the information needed to transfer your tax records over from ADP, ensuring accurate W-2s, as well as quarterly and annual tax forms:

  • Earnings Record

Download Payroll Reports from ADP

Earnings Record

To download your Earnings Record:

  1. Sign in to your ADP Run Payroll account online.
  2. Click the Reports tab.
  3. Select Earnings Record
  4. Select the current year.
  5. In the From field, choose the first payroll of the year. In the To field, select the last payroll you made with ADP.
  6. For Employee, select All.
  7. Click Refresh.
  8. Once the report loads, click “Export to Excel” to download the report to your computer in .XLS format.
  9. Upload the report to Square Payroll. 

Note: It’s important that this report contains all payroll for the current year processed through ADP. This information is needed to ensure Square Payroll accurately makes tax payments and filings on your behalf.

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