If you’re experiencing trouble sending or receiving payments with Square Cash, review the following tips.

Deposit Not Received

Square Cash deposits are available following the Cash deposit schedule. Keep in mind that most banks are closed on weekends and holidays, so it may take a few days longer to receive a payment during these times.

A Square Cash deposit will appear on the recipient’s statement as “SQC*” or “SQ*”, followed by the sender’s account name. If a recipient isn’t able to locate a payment on their bank statement within the deposit time frame, have them contact us directly.

If you’re waiting for a Square Cash deposit and you aren’t seeing anything on your bank statement, check to see if the funds are in your Cash app. To check, open the Cash app. The dollar amount at the top of the screen is money you can deposit to your bank account at any time. To cash out the funds from your Cash app to your linked bank account:

  1. Tap the dollar amount at the top of the home screen.
  2. Tap Cash Out.
  3. Tap Confirm Cash Out.

Note: if you’re eligible for Instant Deposits you will have the choice between depositing funds into your bank account instantly (for a 1% fee) or 1-3 business days (for free).

Deposit Sent to Closed Bank Account or Canceled Debit Card

When a payment is sent to a closed bank account or canceled debit card, several things could happen:

  • The bank may hold on to the funds until you contact them.
  • The bank may issue a check for the payment amount and send it to the address on file.
  • The bank may bounce funds back to us.
  • If the debit card has been reissued, and the numbers have changed, but the bank account is still active, the funds may be routed to the correct account.

If your debit card was canceled, be sure to link your new debit card to Cash. If the funds haven’t posted after 5 business days, please contact us directly

If your bank account is closed or your debit card has been cancelled, you can continue to accept payments without issues if you disable Auto Cash Outs in your app settings. That way, new payments will be kept in your Cash app until you can update your debit card or bank account.

Cash Accidentally Sent to the Wrong Address

If Cash was sent to the wrong email or phone number, you can cancel the payment if it hasn’t yet been claimed. Learn more about canceling payments.

Check App Email Configuration

Cash works with the majority of email services in the U.S. If you received a notification to check your email app configuration and you use Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft mail, visit the help documentation of your email service to find out about configuring your email app. Proper configuration of your email app will allow Cash to verify emails.

Expired Square Cash Payments

If you don’t link a valid debit card within two days of attempting to send money, the attempt will automatically expire.

You have 14 days after a payment has been sent to link your bank account or disable Auto Cash Outs in your app settings to receive the money. After 14 days, unclaimed funds will be returned to the original sender’s bank account. It takes 1-2 business days for funds to be returned.

Confirm a Square Cash Payment

For security purposes, Square reviews all Square Cash payments. In some instances, we might ask for confirmation that you sent money to ensure a safe and secure experience for all of our customers.

If asked to confirm a payment, you’ll either receive an email or text, depending on how you attempted the payment. If you’re the sender, please confirm to complete your payment.  

Refund a Square Cash Payment

If it’s possible to refund a payment, you’ll see the option when you tap on the payment in your in-app Activity. If the payment is non-refundable, you won’t see the option to do so. Instead, you can create a new payment to send or request money back to the recipient.

Businesses using Cash can issue refunds from the app

Merge Two Square Cash Accounts

If you’ve accidentally created more than one Square Cash account, you can merge them. To consolidate your accounts, log into your Square Cash account and add the phone number or email address associated with the other:

  1. Open the Cash app and tap the icon in the upper-left corner.
  2. Tap Account Info – this is where you can manage the phone numbers and email addresses associated with your account.
  3. Tap any email address or phone number you wish to remove > Add Phone or Email to add and confirm a new alias

Dispute Square Cash Charges

As a cardholder, you have the right to dispute any unauthorized charges made on your payment card.