Mobile Staff Update FAQs

What is the Mobile Staff update?

The Mobile Staff feature will no longer be available. Your Square account will automatically include Square’s Employee Management, multi-location and device support, plus advanced reporting tools. 

Will I have to pay for Employee Management?

No – long-time users of Mobile Staff will have access to Employee Management for free. Normally, Employee Management costs $5 a month per employee.

Can I still have staff accept payments on behalf of my business?

Yes! Mobile Staff will be recategorized as Mobile Cashiers. The login credentials and the level of account access currently assigned to your staff members will be unchanged. 

Note: Mobile Staff members will be logged out of the Square app upon conversion to Mobile Cashiers, and will need to log back in using the same credentials assigned to their Mobile Staff account.

How will my reporting change?

The Employee Sales report will be your new resource for sales data. The Mobile Staff Sales Report will be unavailable for future reporting, but you’ll be able to use this report to access your past sales data. 

How do I learn more?

You’ll find lots of information about using Employee Management, multi-location, and device support in our Support Center. Use the links below to learn more:

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