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Set Up Item-Level Delivery Rates with Square Online

With Square Online, you can set up custom delivery profiles to create special delivery rates for specific items. Custom delivery profiles work with your default delivery profile to allow more flexibility in how you deliver your items.

What is a Delivery Profile?

A delivery profile contains settings that control where, how and for how much money you'll deliver your items. The default delivery profile applies to all of your deliverable items except for any items included in a custom profile.

Note: You can set up multiple default delivery profiles as long as the location information such as counties, towns, provinces and countries are unique to each profile.

Custom delivery profiles allow you to set up different rates and destinations for specific items. For example, you might sell items that you can't deliver to particular locations due to restrictions. Creating a custom delivery profile for these items lets you exclude any restricted regions.

Create a Custom Delivery Profile

  1. In your Square Online Overview page, go to Fulfilment > Delivery.

  2. Under "Delivery profiles," select add and set up your profile.

  3. Enter a name for the new delivery profile. Your customers won't be able to see this name.

  4. Under "Type of profile," choose Custom.

  5. Choose the items you want to include with this profile.

  6. Under "Deliver to," choose which countries you'll deliver to. You'll be able to select specific states or provinces after.

  7. Enter a name for this rate that your customers will see (e.g. Express Delivery).

  8. Enter an amount to set the price for this rate.

  9. Choose how to charge this rate. Per order applies the rate to the entire order if any purchased item is part of the custom profile. Per item applies the rate to each purchased item that's assigned to a custom profile.

  10. Select Save when finished.

Note: You can set up additional custom profiles following the same steps, but you can’t add an item to more than one custom profile.