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Can I accept Multiple Currencies with Square?

The ability to charge your customers in different currencies with the Square app is not available. You’re unable to change the country of an existing Square account, but if your business has multiple locations you’re always welcome to open a new account and select any supported country. The country of your account will dictate the currency symbol and currency formatting of your Square app. If you decide to create a new account, you’ll always be able to log in to your old account if you don’t disable it. But it may be helpful for record-keeping purposes to download your transaction history from your previous account.

Charge in international cardholder’s currency No
Manage multiple Square accounts outside of Ireland in a single Square dashboard No
Create multiple Square accounts for each country where you run your business Yes
Accept card payments in all countries your business operates, where Square is supported Yes*
Accept card payments while travelling outside the country where you activated the account No**
Accept international card payments while in the country where you activated the account Yes

*For card payments, regulations identity verification, and a bank account from a SEPA-participating country in order to receive funds. The ability to manage multiple locations within a single Square account is limited to locations within the same country.

**You must be located in the country where you activated your account to process card payments. If you are on holiday outside of Ireland, your business partner will need to process any payments with Square.

Set Up a New Account

Once you’ve downloaded your previous account information, follow these steps to set up a new account:

  1. Sign out of the Square app on your device.

  2. Click Create Account > enter your information > select your preferred country.

  3. Note: You will not be able to reuse an email already in use by an active Square account. To reuse an email, you must first edit the email in use by your other active account or disable the account.

  4. Finish setting up your account. Each country has a specific set of features. Learn which features are available in your country.

Transfer Your Item Library

If you have a large item library, you may want to transfer your library to your new account.

Note: Support for transferring item images, transaction history, customer information, employee roles and permissions, business and bank account details is unavailable.

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