Square Dashboard Overview

Your Square Dashboard displays your account activity and gives you tools to manage your Square account online. Review the information below to discover how Square can help you run and grow your business.


Review recorded sales from your Reports tab. Use the date selector tool to narrow the range for payments, and refine it with customized hourly windows.

Click a specific payment from the Transactions tab to review receipt details, re-send a receipt or record a refund.


Create and manage item settings like modifiers, categories, discounts, and taxes. If you have a large library of products or services, you can use the item import tool to bulk import items to your library.


If you’re registered as a business and use an iPad or compatible Android device, you can set a passcode to control staff permissions for the primary Register account.


Visit your Customers page to view the number of customers visiting your business over time and the frequency of their visits.


Visit the Apps page to explore our Square Marketplace Apps and learn more about Square Connect API.

Account & Settings

Click the account icon at the top-right corner of the Square Dashboard and select Account & Settings to update your name, password, business information, location, and return policy.

Adjust Your Square Dashboard Language

If you would like to change the language of your dashboard (English, Spanish, French, or Japanese is available), you can do so by updating your web browser’s language preferences. Visit Google for a Chrome browser, Windows for Internet Explorer, or Mozilla to learn how to update your language settings.