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Allow Visitors to Opt Out of Cookies

We’ve created a quick and easy way for you to allow your visitors to opt out of cookies on your website. You can use this in conjunction with the Cookie Notification Banner as part of your process to achieve GDPR compliance.

From the Build tab, scroll down to the More section and drag the Cookie Opt Out element onto the page where you want it to display.


Click on the element to activate the Settings panel. Here you can change the style of the button or the alignment for the text and button, or adjust the top and bottom spacing on the element.


Click the Publish button to make the opt-out element appear on your live website. Any visitor who has previously opted in to the use of cookies on your site can now opt back out whenever they want.

Tip: Add the Cookie Opt element to your Privacy Policy page and link to it in the Cookie Notification Banner. This will help your visitors easily find these resources!