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Square Terminal API FAQs

What is Square Terminal?

Square Terminal is an all-in-one card payments device with a full touchscreen, cordless design with Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in printer for receipts. It’s best used as a countertop terminal, but can also be used handheld to collect payments away from the POS system.

What types of payments does Terminal accept?

It accepts any type of in-person, card-present card payment, including credit and debit cards. This includes chip and PIN payments in the UK and Australia.

How does Terminal API work?

Terminal API connects your Terminal device to any third-party POS software, so you can accept and process payments on the Terminal device and automatically send payment info back to your POS system.

How do I connect my Terminal device to my POS system?

For more information on connecting your Terminal device to your POS system, take a look at the Square Developer Doc.

How long does it take to integrate Terminal API?

Terminal API is easy to integrate and many developers have completed the integration in a few days.

Can I sync data collected on Terminal with my back-end system?

Yes, you can retrieve all Terminal data in your own POS system.

How is Terminal API different from Square Reader SDK?

Terminal API connects to a Terminal device, whereas Square Reader SDK connects to Square Readers and Square Stand. Terminal API works with any platform (not just iOS and Android).

You can manage the checkout flow on the Terminal device (rather than on a third-party phone/tablet) and print receipts. It’s best used as a countertop device, whereas Square Readers are portable.

Finally, Terminal API is available in the US, CA, UK and AU whereas Reader SDK is only available in the US.

Why would I want to use Terminal instead of Square Readers or Square Stand?

Square Terminal covers all your card-present payment needs in a single, portable device – you can complete a checkout, accept a tip and print a receipt with full buyer transparency. You may also want to use Terminal if you’re looking for a modern countertop terminal solution.

Does Terminal operate in offline mode?

No, you must be connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Do I have to physically connect Terminal to my system?

No, it operates wirelessly.

Does Terminal support chip and PIN payments?

Yes, it does, which makes it a great option for CA, UK and AU.

Where do I purchase a Square Terminal from?

You can purchase from Square online or a retailer.