Learn tips for troubleshooting the Miura M010 reader and find answers to common questions.

Miura M010 Reader Pairing and Payment Tips

How do I pair my reader with my iOS device?

Learn how to pair your reader with your iPhone or iPad.

My iOS device isn’t pairing with the reader. What should I do?

Try the troubleshooting tips below and then retry pairing:
* From your iOS device, turn Bluetooth off and back on.
* Force quit the Square beta app and reopen it.
* Turn the reader and your iOS device off and back on.
* Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Square beta app on your iOS device.
* Be sure your reader is in pairing mode. To do so, firmly press and hold the green tick button until the Bluetooth light starts to blink rapidly. Then, immediately lift your finger and retry the pairing flow.
* Delete and reinstall the Square beta app.

If the tips above don’t solve the problem, follow these steps to reset your reader (you’ll need a paperclip):

  1. Push one end of the paper clip into the small hole next to the reader’s power button.
  2. Press down and hold the end of the paper clip in place until you see all four green LED lights flash (on the front of the reader) and the reader display restart.
  3. You’ll see Revive Menu on the reader display > select option 2, System Restore.
  4. Press the green tick mark on the bottom-right of the reader’s keypad to confirm.
  5. The reader will take about two to three minutes to restart. Keep the app open during this time.
  6. If your reader was previously paired to your iOS device, you’ll need to remove it from the list of paired Bluetooth devices. To do so, go to your iOS device settings > tap Bluetooth. From the list of paired devices, select the Miura reader > tap “Forget this device” > Ok.
  7. Follow the steps to pair your reader and iOS device.

Note: If you’re still having trouble, restore your reader to factory settings. Follow steps 1-7 above, but at step 3 select option 3 on the reader’s display, instead of option 2.

Can I pair the reader from my iOS device settings instead of from the Square Register beta app?

Yes, you can pair through your iOS device settings, but it’s faster and easier to connect from the Square Register beta app.

Can I pair my reader to a different iOS device?

Yes. You’ll first need to remove the reader from your list of paired Bluetooth devices and connect it with your other iOS device. To do so:

  1. Go to your iOS device settings and tap Bluetooth.
  2. In the list of paired Bluetooth devices, tap Miura > “Forget this device” > Ok.
  3. On the reader, hold down the green tick button (on the keypad) for five seconds.
  4. Then connect your reader to a different iOS device.

How do I take an Apple Pay or contactless card payment?

Learn how to accept a contactless payment with your Miura M010 reader.

How do I search for a contactless payment in the Square Register beta app?

If the contactless payment method isn’t present, you can search by receipt ID. If it is present, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Square Register app, tap: Three Horizontal Lines
  2. Tap Transactions.
  3. Tap in the search field. The reader display will prompt you to present a card.
  4. Have the cardholder hold their mobile device or contactless card over the reader display to locate the payment.

Miura M010 Reader Battery and Settings Tips

How long will the battery last on my reader?

Battery life varies with use. Learn more about maximising the battery life of your reader.

How do I know if the reader needs to be charged?

At the top-right corner of the reader display, the battery indicator will show a low battery level and the green light in the top-left of the reader will turn red.

Does the reader need to be plugged in with the USB cable at all times to communicate with the Square Register app?

No. The reader communicates with your iOS device via Bluetooth, so it doesn’t need to be connected via USB to work. The accompanying USB cable is for charging your reader only.

Why does my reader disconnect when I turn on Airplane Mode?

Airplane Mode disables Bluetooth on your iOS device. If Bluetooth is off, your reader will seem like it’s disconnected.