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Important COVID-19 Updates and Resources for Users of Square Team Management

To help you manage your team during this challenging time, we’ve gathered tips and resources for managing your Square Team Plus subscription.

The Square centro de recursos also provides information and advice for businesses to navigate these changes.

Take steps to keep employees healthy

To minimise team member contact with shared surfaces on the Square Point of Sale, reduce crowding around the point of sale, and enable remote work, you can have them clock-in and out from the aplicació Square per a equips on their phones.

Square Team Plus monthly subscription fees

We waived the software subscription fees for the month of April for existing sellers who were using Team Plus. Square managed the process for sellers —there’s no need to do anything. This is in addition to refunding March subscription fees.

Removing inactive locations to lower Team Plus subscription fees

The Team Plus subscription cost is determined by the number of active locations on your Square account with team members assigned to them. If you are not currently using a location, you can reduce your subscription cost by deactivating a location.

To deactivate a location:

  1. Visit Account & Settings > Business information > Locations in your Tauler de control en línia de Square.

  2. Select the location you want to deactivate.

  3. Click Deactivate > Deactivate this Location.

You can reactivate a location at any time from Locations by changing the Status filter to Inactive, clicking the inactive location and then clicking Reactivate Location.

Updating team member pay rates

If your team members’ pay rates have changed, you can update their hourly pay rate or annual salary by going to their perfil del miembro del equipo. If a team member is working multiple jobs at different pay rates, this can also be updated from their profile in Square Team Management.

Updating your hours

You can configurar un nuevo horario operativo for each of your locations to let your customers and employees know when you are unavailable or closed.

Optimising your scheduling

If you subscribe to Team Plus, you can optimise your staffing by using Labor vs. Sales reporting in your Tauler de control en línia de Square. You can compare your hourly labor costs to your net sales in one report.

Pausing your Team Plus subscription

If your business is temporarily closed, or if you don’t need all the features of Team Plus at this time, you can pause your subscription ahead of May’s billing cycle. Square will not bill you while your subscription is paused. You can unpause at any time and your data, permissions and settings will be right where you left them. To pause your subscription, go to Settings > Account & Settings > Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions in your Tauler de control en línia de Square

If you pause your subscription for May, you’ll retain access to Team Plus product features until June 1 even though your subscription is paused— we’re offering this grace period to ease the transition. In addition, to learn more about data retention after pausing your subscription, click aquí.

Unsubscribing from Team Plus

If you do not plan on using Team Plus in the future and would like to unsubscribe, your subscription will end on the first day of the month after you cancel. Go to Settings > Account & Settings > Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions in your Tauler de control en línia de Square to cancel your subscription. You can resubscribe at any time, and your data, permissions and settings will be right where you left them.

If you unsubscribe from Team Plus, you have the option to use the Team Management free plan so that you can continue to secure and restrict sensitive areas of your Point of Sale, allow your employees to clock in/out, and use shifts, at no additional cost. To downgrade to the free plan, assign all team members to the free Team Permissions permission set and then follow the instructions above for unsubscribing from Team Plus.

Keep in mind that the Owner permission set is free and cannot be deleted.

Retaining your data if you pause or unsubscribe from Team Plus

If you pause your Team Plus subscription or unsubscribe from Team Plus, your shift data will continue to be visible in the Página de turnos of your online Square Dashboard. However, you will no longer be able to access sales reporting by team member data or labor vs. sales reporting data. This is true even if you continue to use the Team Management free tier.

If you wish to retain this data, please export it to a .CSV file prior to the first of the next month. The sales reporting by team member data is available aquí and the labor vs. sales reporting data is available aquí. If you decide to unpause your subscription or resubscribe to Team Plus, this historical data will be available in your Square account.