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Xero Integration FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Square and Xero integration.

Who is Amaka?

Amaka is a professional software provider for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners with the need to automate their data entry. Amaka has built the integration on behalf of Square and Xero and provides integration support to all customers.

Can the Amaka team help me set up the integration?

Yes. If you would like to request a walkthrough or discuss the capabilities of the integration in more detail, you may schedule a support session with the Amaka Support Team.

How much does the Square + Xero Integration cost?

The integration is free for all Square sellers. Note: This does not include any Xero fees for accessing Xero services. Xero has several subscription plans to suit your business. For more information about comparing plans and Xero’s pricing, visit the Xero website.

What is not included in the Amaka Integration?

The Amaka and Xero integration does not currently support Inventory management (i.e. SKU and Cost of Goods Sold/COGS), Payroll, Timesheets, and Purchase Orders.

How do I troubleshoot the integration?

If your integration is not working as expected, browse Amaka’s troubleshooting page.

When using Square as a payment service in Xero, can I automatically charge the Square fees to my customer?

This feature is not supported, but it is something Amaka are considering for a future release.

Where can I find Square’s fees?

Go to the Business tab in Xero and select Bills to Pay. Square Fees sync when Square transfers the payments to your bank account. Bills related to Square Fees have a reference format [Location Name] Square Fees [Date].

Can I back sync historical data?

Yes. You can select the date that you wish the data to be synced from through the integration scheduler in Xero.

What is the Square balance bank account used for?

Square Balance bank account is a clearing account for the card takings processed through Square. Note: When the Square Balance is deleted or edited from the chart of accounts, the daily sync may fail.

How can I reconnect my Square and/or Xero account?

In case you have revoked the access or changed credentials of an account used for an integration, you can easily reconnect it by expanding the options menu and clicking the Reconnect (or Edit) button in the Connected Accounts page of your Xero dashboard.

How can I disable my integration?

At any time, you can access your Amaka dashboard and disable an integration by either turning it off or deleting it entirely. Learn more via the Amaka website.

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