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ClinicSense and Square

Square integrates with ClinicSense, a massage clinic management software that helps you switch from paper client files to online SOAP notes and intake forms so you’ll never feel more organized.

With ClinicSense’s completely customizable SOAP notes, you’ll have a SOAP note for all scenarios – whether that’s a quick update or a fully detailed note and treatment plan. Their point & click style notes allow for better organization and faster note completion.

With the ClinicSense integration you can:

  • Completely customize your forms, then their automation will take care of sending them to clients based on the service they booked and if they are a new or returning client.

  • Use online scheduling so your clients can book instantly.

  • Edit settings so you can maintain control over your schedule and appointment reminders.

  • Connect to Square to ask clients to enter a credit card number to book online, or even have them pre-pay in full.

  • Sell gift certificates through your website.

  • Send payments from ClinicSense directly to Square Terminal to collect payment after each treatment.

Integrate with ClinicSense

To integrate ClinicSense with your Square account, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Apps section of your online Square Dashboard > click Visit App Marketplace.
2. Search for ClinicSense in the search bar > click Search.
2. Under ClinicSense, click Get Started.
3. Allow permissions to access your Square account information.

If you’re new to ClinicSense, or if you need help connecting your existing ClinicSense account with Square, take a look at ClinicSense's Help Center for more information.

Plans and Pricing

Visit the ClinicSense website to compare their plans and pricing.

Payments and Reporting

Payments processed with ClinicSense will automatically sync with your Square account. You’ll be able to locate your payment history in the Transactions section of your online Square Dashboard. Learn more about viewing and downloading your Square payment history online.

You’ll receive transfers for transactions processed through ClinicSense just like your Square Point of Sale payments – following your transfer schedule.

Manage Your ClinicSense Account

ClinicSense's features, services and subscriptions are managed by them directly. For additional help:

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