Accept Payments As Mobile Staff

Once you’ve been invited to accept payments on behalf of a business as Mobile Staff, you’ll be ready to create an account and download the Square Point of Sale app to get up and running.

Accept Invitation to Mobile Staff

You’ll receive an invitation via email, where you’ll create a Mobile Staff account using your own email address and password.

To do so:

  1. Select Create My Account from the invitation email.
  2. Enter and confirm the email address and password you’d like to use.
  3. Select Create Account.
  4. Enter your phone number or email address to receive a link to the Square Point of Sale app.
  5. Download the Square Point of Sale app from the App Store or Google Play.

Take Payments As a Mobile Staff Member

To accept payments as Mobile Staff:

  1. Sign in to the Square Point of Sale app with your email address and password.
  2. Connect a magstripe reader to a supported mobile device.
  3. Add items to the current sale or tap the keypad icon to add custom amounts.
  4. Tap an item in the current sale to add a description, add modifiers, or change the quantity.
    Note: At least $1.00 needs to be charged to process a card payment.
  5. Process the payment by:
  6. If you have signatures enabled, ask your customer to sign with their finger. Your customer can also leave a tip if tipping is enabled. To cancel the payment before it’s been processed, tap the X icon or back arrow to return to the previous screen.
  7. Tap Done Signing > send your customer a receipt.
  8. After a payment completes, the final screen will read All Done.

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Manage Your Mobile Staff Account

To edit your email or password, log in to your online Square Dashboard. You can adjust your personal settings or update your security information.