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File Attachment for Square Invoices

With the latest update to the Point of Sale beta app, you are able to send attachments in Square Invoices.

Add Attachments to Invoices from the Square App

  1. Select Invoices from the navigation menu.

  2. Tap the Create Invoice button.

  3. Enter your customer’s name and email address > tap Add to Invoice.

  4. If you want to send this invoice at a later date, tap the Send option and choose another send date.

  5. Tap Add Item to add items from your item library.

  6. Select Add Attachment.

  7. Choose an image from your photo library or take a photo (JPEG is the only supported file format at this time.)

  8. Edit image name if needed and tap Upload.

  9. To add additional attachments return to step 6.

  10. Tap Send.

Do not use this feature to upload any Personal Health Information, illegal content or content in violation of Square’s Terms of Service. Content you upload may be reviewed and used by Square in connection with contesting a chargeback.

Note: Currently file attachments are only available on the Point of Sale beta app, but we plan to offer this feature in Square Dashboard in a couple of weeks.


I created an invoice in my app, can I see my attachments in my Dashboard?

Attachments do not show up in Dashboard at this time. Currently any attempt to save or send an existing Invoices with attachments in Dashboard will result in the deletion of those attachments.

How many attachments can I add to my invoice?

The total number of attachments that you can send with an Invoice is 10 and the total size of all of those attachments cannot exceed 10MB.

To access this feature, please make sure your Point of Sale beta app is up to date.