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Online Store Payment and Order FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding your Orders and Payments in the Online Store with Square.

Online Store Order Management FAQs

Why did my customer’s order expire?

If a shipping order isn’t completed within your prep time, it will expire and a refund will be issued to your customer. Learn more about managing your Online Store orders.

How do I mark an order as complete?

To complete an order, visit Order Management in your online Dashboard > select an order > click Complete.

How do I adjust my order prep time?

You can adjust the order prep time for both shipping and pickup orders in your Store Settings.

Are different tax rates automatically applied when I ship to different counties within my state?

Not at this time.

Is tax applied to orders shipped out of state?

No. Tax is only applied to online sales shipped within your state. For specific information on calculating and charging tax, you can reference the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website, talk to a tax advisor, or contact your local government.

Note: Tax is calculated before the cost of shipping.

Can I track my Online Store shipments?

Yes, Square integrates with ShipStation to provide advanced fulfillment and tracking features.

You can also add a tracking number to an order before you mark it complete, so that you and your customer can follow a shipment.

Note: If you’ve already marked an order as complete, the ability to retroactively add tracking information is unavailable. You’ll need to locate the order to find the customer’s contact information and reach out to them directly.

How do I see my order history?

You can see and download your order history in your online Dashboard.

Online Store Payment FAQs

What are the limits (minimum and maximum) customers can donate?

The minimum payment amount is $1 and the maximum is $1000.

Is there a maximum sale amount with the Online Store?

Yes, Square merchants start off with a per-transaction limit of $50,000.

What is the maximum value for total ticket inventory?

The limit for outstanding ticket inventory across all events on your Square Online Store (including purchases), is $15,000.

How do I set up taxes?

Head to Items in your online Dashboard to set up tax for your items.

Note: For items sold both online and in-store that have different tax rates, create separate variations of the item with the applicable tax applied to each.

Can customers use my Square gift cards to pay online?

Yes, customers with gift cards can enter the card number during checkout.

How do I refund an Online Store payment?

Learn more about refunding online purchases here.