The Square Dashboard App FAQs

Which supported devices are compatible with the Square Dashboard app?

The Square Dashboard app is not currently compatible with iPads or Android devices – only iPhones running iOS 10 or above are supported at this time.

Check to see if your device is compatible, or learn how to update your device software (https://squareup.com/help/article/4983).

Looking at my Sales Comparison, what’s the difference between the 52 weeks and 1 year comparison charts?

The 52 weeks comparison chart will show you data from the same day of the week last year. The 1 year comparison chart will show you sales data from the same date last year.

Looking at my sales from last week/year, I’m down a significant percentage today. What’s the cause of the discrepancy? 

If your sales data looks off today compared to last week or year, it’s likely that today’s sales aren’t finished. Sales data and percentages in the app are in real-time. For example, let’s say it’s 4 PM right now and you’ve had 100 sales so far. By 4 PM a week ago, you had 80 sales, but 120 sales total for the entire day. Currently, the app would show 100 sales today versus 120 for last week, with a +25% week-over-week change. We realize these numbers might be confusing if your sales day hasn’t yet ended  – we’re constantly adding new features to the app, so hold tight for improvements.

Can I send invoices using the Dashboard app?

Invoices are not currently available from the Dashboard app. To send an invoice, log on to your online Square Dashboard.