From your Square Dashboard, you can manage your online orders and export order information for your records from.

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Manage Electronic Orders

If you’re selling event tickets or items for electronic delivery, here are some things you’ll want to know:

  • Your inventory is automatically updated with every online purchase.
  • You can adjust the number of available tickets or items anytime.
  • When a ticket is purchased, your customer receives an email confirmation which can act as a ticket. It’s helpful to add a note in the ticket description instructing customers to check in when they arrive, or you can contact the customer directly.
  • Before your event, you can export and print a spreadsheet of ticket holders’ information and check them in at the door. 
  • You can refund an order from Transactions in your online Dashboard. 

Manage Shipping Orders

To receive payment for your orders, you’ll need to manually ship and mark orders as complete in your online Dashboard before your order preparation time expires.

The default preparation time to ship and complete an order is 7 days, but you can change this at any time

If an order isn’t completed within your set timeframe, it will expire and the buyer will be refunded. You’ll receive an email reminder when an order is close to expiring.

Complete, Cancel, or Refund an Order

  1. From Order Management, select an order.
    • To complete an order, click Ship > Complete Order.
    • To cancel an order, click Cancel Order.
    • To issue a refund for an order, click See Transaction > Issue Refund.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your actions. 

Your customer will receive an email with the order’s updated status. If you canceled the order, it’s good practice to follow up with a personalized email as well.

Note: Refunds of Online Store purchases must be processed within 120 days of the payment date. 

Manage Pickup Orders

Your pickup settings determine how you’ll manage your orders. Confirm your pickup settings from your online Dashboard and then follow the steps below to track your orders:

  1. Visit Order Management to view today’s open and completed orders or use the date selector tool to pick the date range you’d like to see.
  2. Filter your orders by delivery type or view all order types.

Pickup Order Tips

To make sure you and your customers have a smooth experience with in-person pickup, keep the following tips in mind:

  • If you’ve chosen to auto-accept all incoming pickup orders, you won’t be able to cancel an order. Instead, complete the order and then issue a refund.
  • If you opt to manually accept orders, you’ll need to accept the order within one hour, or the order will expire and your customer will be refunded.   
  • If you run out of an item, modifier, or topping that’s been ordered, cancel the order, and call the customer to let them know. 
  • If the preparation of an order is delayed, call your customer to let them know their order won’t be ready in time. 
  • To refund a pickup order, follow the steps in this article.

View and Export Online Store Order Details

Your reports will show detailed order information like order dates and times, delivery methods, order states, customers’ names, contact information, and payment details. 

To download your order details:

  1. Sign in to Order Management in your online Dashboard. 
  2. Under Export Order Details, select the date range and the sections you’d like to export.  
  3. Click Download CSV.

A CSV file will download to your device which you can open using any common spreadsheet software.