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Filter Square Invoices Online

Filter and view invoices by status in your Square Invoices Overview page found in Dashboard, and the Square Point of Sale app. Filters include:

  • Sent: Unpaid, overdue, paid, refunded, cancelled and failed invoices.

  • Outstanding: Unpaid, overdue and undelivered invoices.

  • Paid: All invoices that are paid, and fully or partially refunded.

  • Payment Pending: A temporary status applied to an invoice that is in the process of being paid.

  • Scheduled: Includes the next recurring invoice instances that have not been sent, as well as normal scheduled invoices.

  • Drafts: Drafted invoices that have yet to be Sent or Scheduled.

Filters for Recurring Invoices include:

  • Active: Active recurring series with scheduled invoices.

  • Ended: Recurring series with all scheduled invoices sent, or a series that has been manually ended.

  • Drafts: Drafted recurring invoices that have yet to be sent or scheduled.

From the search bar in your Square Invoices Overview page, you can also locate specific invoices by searching across the following fields:

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Phone Number

  • Customer Email Address

  • Customer Billing Address

  • Customer Company Name

  • Invoice ID

  • Invoice Title

  • Invoice Message

  • Line Item Names

You can also search for estimates and any recurring invoices using the above filters.