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Square Online Shipping Address

Your shipping address is where you ship your orders from. This can be different from your primary business address, which you can edit in your dashboard in Settings > General.

If you entered an address in the general store settings, then you have the option to use that address as your shipping address. You can also enter a different address if you ship from another location.

To add a new shipping address:

Go to the dashboard, then click Settings and select Shipping.
On the Shipping page, click the button to start setup.
Tick the box if you want to use the address saved in Settings > General, or enter a new address. Click Save when you’re done.


Edit a Shipping Address:

If you need to change your shipping address, use the Edit Address button on the Settings > Shipping page. If you’re using your store address, you’ll need to untick the box before making changes. If you want to change both addresses, edit from the Settings > General page instead. Changes made there will be applied to the shipping settings, too.

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