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Team Management Early Access Program

Welcome to Square’s Early Access Program for Team Management.

We’re super excited to share two new features with you:

  1. Adding team members, providing login credentials, and even assigning them to a particular store location from the Team applet in Square Point of Sale.

  2. Scheduling shifts for your Team.

Setting Up Your Team in Square Point of Sale

  1. Visit Team in your POS.

  2. Click the + button at the top of the screen.

  3. Input the team member’s details on the Create team member screen:

    • Be sure to set first name, last name, email address, permissions, passcode, hourly or salary wage, and the location of the team member.

  4. Select Save in the upper-right corner.

Setting Up Your Schedule

  1. Visit Timecards in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Shifts on the left hand side of the screen.

    • Select the week you’d like to schedule for at the top, and assign shifts by Team Member or Jobs.

  3. Click on the + option under the day you’d like to schedule next to the team member or job.

    • A screen will appear that will allow you to select the day and hours that you’d like to assign. You can also select a colour for this shift, write notes, or make this a shift template.

  4. Select Save in the lower-right corner.

Add Shift
  1. Once all shifts are imputed, select Publish in the upper-right corner.

    • Team members that have an email on their profile will be automatically notified of the shift being published, unless you select otherwise.

Duplicate your schedule

Select the weekly schedule you’d like to duplicate and click the copy button next to Publish in the upper-right corner. You’ll be prompted to choose the week you’d like to copy your schedule to, and whether or not you’d like to also copy the same team member information.

Prevent early and unscheduled clock-ins

To customise how early your team members can clock in and out on your point of sale:

  1. Visit Timecards in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Settings > Time enforcement

  3. Choose to Block ending breaks early and/or Block early and unscheduled clock-ins. You can also specify a timeframe within which ending a break/clocking in early is allowed.

Note: Ensure the Timecards > Override early and unscheduled clock-insPermissions are turned off for the roles you want to restrict from ending breaks early or early clock-ins.

Scheduled vs. Actuals

Included in Team Plus, Timecard reporting has been updated to allow you to view how your scheduled hours compared to the actual hours your team members worked. In both Workday and Labour cost, you can now view:

  • Upcoming scheduled shifts

  • Alerts for early, late, and no show clock-ins.

As a reminder, you can access Team Plus scheduled features through a stand alone Team Plus subscription, as well as through an Appointments or Restaurants Plus subscription.

Scheduled v. Actuals

If you are having any trouble accessing or using the new Team applet in Square Point of Sale or Scheduling feature, please email us at Feel free to also join our Beta Seller Community to provide us with feedback and participate in discussions with other Beta Sellers like you.