Customise your Close of Day

Square will group and send payments based on the time you choose to close your business day. This is referred to as your ‘close of day.’ Setting a close of day time ensures that a full day’s business activity is included in one deposit.

Custom close of day is ideal for businesses with non-traditional business hours. If you choose a close of day time after 12 AM Melbourne time, or your time zone’s equivalent, your deposit will be delayed one business day and you should receive your deposit two business days later (weekends and bank holidays excluded). 

Set a Close of Day Time

  1. Sign into your online Square Dashboard and visit Deposits.
  2. Under ‘Adjust Close of Day’ set your time zone and your close of day time. It’s recommended that you set your close of day one hour after your actual closing time to provide a window for last minute sales. 
  3.  Click Apply Adjustment.

Note: Your set close of day time will be the same for each day. The ability to assign different times by day isn’t available. 

Below is an example to further explain how close of day works.

A casual-dining restaurant closes at 2 AM Melbourne time. The restaurant owner sets a 3 AM close of day time.

At the restaurant’s close of day (3 AM Melbourne time), Square will group all sales from the last 24 hours in a single deposit. For example, sales made in a 24 hour window, between Tuesday at 3 AM Melbourne time and Wednesday at 3 AM Melbourne time, will be grouped in one deposit on Wednesday at 3 AM Melbourne time. The deposit will automatically initiate on Thursday at 1 PM Melbourne time.  

Example Deposit Schedule for 11 PM Close of Day Time

Transaction Date Deposit Initiated
Sunday 11 PM to Monday 11 PM Melbourne time Tuesday 1 PM Melbourne time
Monday 11 PM to Tuesday 11 PM Melbourne time Wednesday 1 PM Melbourne time
Tuesday 11 PM to Wednesday 11 PM Melbourne time Thursday 1 PM Melbourne time
Wednesday 11 PM to Thursday 11 PM Melbourne time Friday 1 PM Melbourne time
Thursday 11 PM to Sunday 11 PM Melbourne time Monday 1 PM Melbourne time

*Deposit times are approximate. 

Change Your Close of Day Time

  1. Visit Deposits on your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Adjust Close of Day.’
  3. Confirm your time zone and set a new close of day time.
  4. Click Apply Adjustment.

Note: If you’ve customised your close of day time and you’d like to revert back to our standard deposit schedule, adjust your close of day to 12 AM Melbourne time.

Learn more about Square’s different deposit schedule options.