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Get a Square Reader

The Square Reader is universal, so one reader can be used on all supported devices. You can also use the same reader to collect payments for multiple Square accounts or locations. Square readers don’t store any specific account holder or bank account information, nor do they need to be activated. If your device or reader is ever lost or stolen, rest assured that your Square account is stored securely online in our servers rather than on a specific device.

Note: Your Square Reader can be connected to one device at a time and cannot be connected to multiple devices simultaneously. Simply unpair the reader from one device to pair it with another.

A view of the chip card reader that shows the 2 slots – one for magstripe cards and one for chip cards.

Get a Reader When you Sign Up

When you activate a Square account, you’re given the option to purchase a Square Reader. If you’ve already purchased a reader from one of our retail partners, or if you plan to process payments via manual entry, you can skip this step.

Reader Shipping

You should receive your reader within 2 to 7 business days. Readers are sent out by TNT. You’ll get a confirmation email when we’ve received your order and when your reader is shipped with further shipping information. You can also view your orders from your online Square Dashboard.

Order Additional Readers

To order additional readers online, visit Square Shop to make a purchase.

To order additional readers directly from the Square app:

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to navigate to the menu.

  2. From an iPhone or Android device, tap Support.

  3. Tap Reader Orders > Order a Reader.

  4. Select your hardware and add to cart.

  5. Enter your shipping address and payment details and submit.

Order Stickers

If you need more Square stickers, you can order a marketing kit from the Square Dashboard.

Buy a Reader from a Retail Store

Square Readers are available from many retail locations. Please contact your local retailer before making the trip to ensure they have stock.

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