Three (Tactful) Ways to Get Clients to Pay Outstanding Invoices

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There are things you can do to get paid faster (hint: send invoices on Thursdays). But unfortunately, chasing down outstanding invoices will always be part of the game. To find out who still needs to pay, filter by status in the Invoices section in your Square Dashboard. Then follow these tips to gently nudge clients to pay up:

Set clear terms

Being clear from the beginning will go a long way. So when you send your clients an invoice with Square, specify a due date in the field provided. You might also want to think about reiterating this expectation in the personal message field. You don’t need to make it overly stiff. Something like “Hope the wedding was a smashing success. Here’s the invoice for the flowers, let me know if you have any questions. Payment within a week is greatly appreciated!”

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Send a friendly reminder

It’s the era of email overload, so there’s always the chance your invoice got lost in someone’s inbox. If an invoice is past due, it’s worth going in and hitting the Resend button as a reminder. You can also email them a personal message with a link to their invoice (you can find this url under the Share option). After your clients click on the link, they can enter their card info and settle up.

Go old-school

But when clients don’t respond to email, it might be time to snail-mail them a good old paper invoice. Just hit the More drop-down menu in Square Invoices to find the print option.

Whatever way you look at it, hunting down outstanding invoices isn’t exactly fun. But hopefully these tips will make it a little less painful.

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