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Settle up when it suits your customer.

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Put it on their tab.

Keep your tickets open with Square Point of Sale for iPad and Android tablets. Create, save and add to orders with a touch and let your customers pay when it's convenient.

Find in seconds

Search to locate tickets quickly. Sort by name, last modified time or total amount. Rename a ticket or add a note as needed.

No connection needed

Save and edit tickets even when you're offline.

Print every which way.

Keep your orders coming. Send tickets to your kitchen and print updated tickets any time you add to a customer's order. Print the bill whenever your customer is ready to pay.

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Split tender

Split a bill across multiple cards or a mix of cash and cards. Record the payment however your customers want to pay.

Collect tips two ways

Have customers sign and tip on the device or on printed receipts. Provide automatic tip options to make the maths easy for customers and save time for your business.

Stay in sync.

Saved tickets remain open across all the devices signed in to your Square account. Open a tab for a customer on one device and seamlessly close it on another.


Using Open Tickets makes running our business that much easier. It was the number one feature we hoped for.

Brad Cowher, Infusion Tea