How Popular Plant-Based Fast-Food Restaurant Vegan Shack Experienced approx. 130% Growth YoY

Discover how Square assisted them with increasing sales by 45% and transactions by 56% in one year (2022-23).

Starting out life as a humble takeaway menu delivered out of Dimeji’s flat, this 100% plant-based take-away and sit-down restaurant has established itself a go-to fast-food option for plant-based lovers in UK cities having featured in Manchester and London. Discover how Square helped the burgeoning business handle a huge surge in orders and expand into major UK cities.


Square products used by Vegan Shack

  1. Square Reader
  2. Square Stand
  3. Square for Restaurants Plus
  4. Square Loyalty
  5. Square Online and API
  6. Square KDS
  7. Square Team Management

Dimeji was initially attracted to Square as it offered next-business-day bank transfers – a necessity for the business in the early stages as ingredients were purchased daily using profits from the previous day’s earnings.

But getting paid quickly wasn’t the only draw. As Vegan Shack began to take off, Dimeji needed to graduate from using just a pen and paper to keep track of orders. With Square, he could easily print and keep up with orders coming in through their website, allowing for far more seamless operations.

Discover the many more ways Square helped the plant-based spot achieve an impressive 130% approx. growth year on year since starting out.


How Square helped Vegan Shack overcome a unique set of challenges

Keeping track of orders

When the business was first getting off the ground, Dimeji and his team were writing down website orders manually. Using Square, they were able to automate and streamline the process of receiving and completing orders, helping them keep up with and meet the increased demand.

Having all solutions in one place

Dimeji especially loves how, with Square, all tools and operations are available through one platform. While he was initially using different programs to manage orders, staff and inventory, he quickly transitioned to overseeing everything through Square.

Square for Restaurants POS

View, manage, and sync on-premise, online, and delivery orders across all your POS devices.

“Managing different software and integrations through one system makes Square so easy to use. Instead of 5 different solutions, you only need one”

- Dimeji Sadiq, Founder and Owner, Vegan Shack

Integrates with delivery partners

Handling orders and deliveries is made far easier through integrations with Deliverect (for food delivery services such as Deliveroo and UberEats).

“Square aggregates all of our online Delivery partners so they show up on the kitchen display system. This is amazing for everyone in the kitchen and anyone handling orders”.

- Dimeji Sadiq, Founder and Owner, Vegan Shack


Square Online Store

Sell in more ways with a free online store.

Opening new locations

When Vegan Shack was ready for expansion, Dimeji felt confident using Square to help him launch in new locations. He particularly liked how easy it was to add new locations to the software and transfer menus across. Through a single screen, he’s now able to oversee operations in two restaurants locations, as well as tweak prices and rules for different sites.

Training staff to use Square was a breeze

Vegan Shack employees were able to get up and running with Square within 20 minutes. Thanks to ease of use, extensive training sessions aren’t necessary and even brand new team members feel confident using the tablets and readers.

Accept contactless payments on the go with Square Reader

Easy to set up and transparent pricing. Get started today with Square Reader for just £19 + VAT.

“As long as staff members can use a smartphone, I can set them up on Square quickly and easily”.

- Dimeji Sadiq, Founder and Owner, Vegan Shack

How Square continues to support Vegan Shack

Access reports and analytics

Dimeji is a particular fan of how easy it is to access in-depth reports on customer activity, orders and more, offering key insights into which products are selling the best. Giving the example of hot chocolate, he was able to notice and plan reordering the ingredients. With the report revealing how well the item had sold recently, it mitaged disruptions to their offering. He was then able to use this information to assess the continuation of the beverage, including its price going forward.

“With all that information, you can see which items are selling well. You might then decide to bring an item back, let it go, or just act accordingly”

- Dimeji Sadiq, Founder and Owner, Vegan Shack

Improving employee satisfaction

Through using Square software, Vegan Shack employees can log and track their hours, request time off and see how much they’re going to be paid. The ease of access to this information creates a trusting environment with staff, boosting employee retention and creating a pleasant team atmosphere.

Keeping customers happy and loyal

Vegan Shack uses Square Loyalty, enabling customers to gain rewards with each order to receive money off and bonus items. This is a great way to give back to your customers, showcase that you value them, and gain their repeat custom.

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