An update to Square card-not-present pricing

We’re changing the rate for card-not-present transactions.

We’re changing the rate for card-not-present transactions.

Beginning 1st December, 2020, we are updating the U.K. rate for card-not-present transactions across our online payment products from 2.5% to:

  • 1.9% per European card transaction
  • 2.9% per non-European card transaction

Payments taken via Invoices, Virtual Terminal and manually keyed-in on the Square Point of Sale app will still be charged at 2.5% per card transaction.

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We are making this change to better align with industry-wide transaction costs. Like all payment providers, for every payment Square processes, Square has to pay a set of fees that are both a percentage of the transaction and a flat fee. Our card present (in-person) transaction pricing remains the same.

We know a pricing update can feel complicated so we want to make sure you have enough time and information to understand this change.

  • You can visit our Pricing page to learn more about our rates.
  • You can visit our Pricing FAQ to help answer key questions.
  • You will receive an email and in-app/dashboard notifications with more details about how you are affected, and so you are aware of the update.

There are no other changes to your payments. You’ll still benefit from:

  • No startup fees, statement fees, refund fees, PCI-compliance fees, or chargeback fees
  • Secure and end-to-end encrypted payments
  • Integrated online and offline payments
  • 24/7 fraud prevention
  • Payment dispute management
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As of 1st December 2020, this update will go into effect for sellers new to Square. If you activated your account with Square before this date, this new rate for card-not-present payments goes into effect 15th February 2021. We are more committed than ever to delivering accessible, easy-to-use tools that help businesses of all sizes start, run, and adapt.

As always, thank you for selling with Square.