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Thinking Big For Small Businesses: New Report from Square

Microbusinesses—those with fewer than 10 staff members—make up 96% of all businesses in the United Kingdom, accounting for 33% of all employment. Square’s commitment to these business owners is deep and enduring. We have worked with elected representatives and community groups through our Digital Towns initiative to empower British small businesses to participate on an equal footing with larger competitors and help local communities revitalise their high streets and economies.

We recently identified seven British microbusiness owners who use Square and who represent a cross-section of sellers from different sectors and locations across the UK who are pursuing varied business models and growth plans. We held focus-group style discussions with them in order to better understand the journey that may be traversed when starting, running and expanding a microbusiness. 

In this report we explore how microbusiness owners are responding to the challenges and opportunities facing their businesses, what they want from the future and how British policymakers can help them better achieve their goals. Their views inform a set of policy recommendations which, if implemented, have the potential to help microbusiness owners achieve success earlier and more easily.

Download a copy of the report here