How Square Stand Can Help Your Business Grow

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When exploring ways to grow your business, you might fine-tune your product offering or revamp your marketing plan as a first port of call. But what about upgrading your hardware?

Data from businesses using Square worldwide shows that those who started using an iPad and Square Stand in April 2017 processed more than four times the payment volume of those who started using an iPad and Square Reader that same month. In addition, those businesses that started using Square Stand processed seven times more transactions than those using only a reader - averaging 370 transactions per month in the first 3 months. So, what does it all mean?

Turn your iPad into a POS in minutes

The new Square Stand: One simple device that’s easy every step of the way.

How Square Stand encourages foot traffic

As well as creating a single countertop point-of-sale from which to manage your business, Square Stand helps you drive and keep up with increased foot traffic by making it simpler and faster to process transactions. This means you can take more payments and grow rapidly.  Just buying a Stand won’t grow your business of course — it works together with growth strategies and tactics designed to get more people through the door.

People increasingly expect something extra special when they interact with a brand. Square Stand, together with the intuitive user experience of Square’s free point-of-sale, creates a fluid payment experience for your customers, employees and you. This helps people remember their interaction with your business for all the right reasons, in turn, creating repeat customers and strong brand ambassadors.

Keep hold of your Square Reader if you’ve been using one up until now. Square Stand is a great addition to a more permanent location but the perfect point-of-sale setup includes both. Your reader is an incredible tool for accepting credit and debit card payments, and the stand completes your countertop - helping you stay organised and sell in style.

6 reasons to use Square Stand

In case you needed them, here are more reasons to invest in a Square Stand for your business:

You can accept every payment, every time

Just like Square Reader, Square Stand lets you effortlessly accept a whole range of payment types. This includes contactless, chip and PIN, Apple and Android Pay, other mobile payments, and even international credit cards powered by magnetic stripe.

It’s a complete countertop point-of-sale system

Connect an iPad and gain instant access to the free Square Point of Sale app, which comes with all the tools needed for you to power your business — whether that’s inventory tracking, employee management or analysing sales performance.

It’s customisable for your business

Square Stand delivers, no matter what kind of business you run. If you’re connecting a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner or other hardware, the included USB hardware hub makes it easy to set up your countertop your way. Shop for compatible accessories online at our shop.

The stylish design enhances your countertop

After months of planning the appearance of your store, the one thing that’s guaranteed to undo your hard work is a bulky cash register taking up a ton of room and creating a barrier between you and your customer. Square Stand is designed with style and simplicity in mind, so you can deliver a more streamlined customer interaction. It also frees up space on your counter for other products or signage — making it easier for you to sell more.

It keeps the queue moving

Square Stand is built with a rotating base, allowing customers to enter their PIN without any hassle. This keeps your queue moving, and creates a seamless interactive experience.

It’s simple to set up and use

You can set up your Square Stand in minutes, and unlike other point-of-sale systems, no service visits are required. To accept mobile, contactless and chip and PIN payments, just place your iPad in the Stand and connect to the free Square Point-of-Sale app.

If you haven’t used Stand yet — or if you love it and want more for your business — now is a great time to get one. You can buy Square Stand for just £99 + VAT.

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