Old Hen Antiques and Collectibles, Northern Ireland

The idea for Old Hen Antiques and Collectibles was hatched when a long held interest in history and antiques became a fledgling online business idea.

We caught up with Rowena, owner of Old Hen Antiques and Collectibles to learn more about setting up an online antique business and how Square makes it easy for her customers to make purchases.

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How would you describe Old Hen Antiques?

Old Hen Antiques is an online shop selling antiques and collectables, sourced mainly in Northern Ireland and promoting the places we visit along the way, through Instagram and Twitter.

What prompted you to start a business?

I left the work rat race to concentrate on my wellbeing and take on the challenge of a History degree with the Open University. Working for myself was always an idea so it seemed natural to combine my love of history, antiques and my home nation into something I could really enjoy doing.

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Tell us a bit about the area where you operate and the community there.

Northern Ireland is well known for its hospitality, we love the craic and even better we love a wee bargain find.

Why did you decide to use Square?

The combination of being able to create an online shop and the low transaction fees were key to my decision. There were no complicated add-ons and the online shop was easy to set up.

What Square products do you use?

So far I use Square Online for the online shop, and for future events, I hope to use Square Reader.

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How has Square helped to improve your business?

My Square website has given me a professional look which is user friendly. Being able to send checkout links directly to the customer, via email or social media is great customer service.

What are you excited about exploring or accomplishing next for your business?

Attending more events and fairs. Meeting people who share my passion for antiques and the stories within every item.

Keep an eye out on the Old Hen Antiques Instagram to be the first to hear about their latest offering.


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