7 E-commerce Solutions for Your Business

Getting your business online can seem a daunting process at first, especially if you’re lacking in coding and IT skills. But don’t consider a sleek and high performing eCommerce site out of your reach when they’re only a few clicks away!

There are endless choices out there for online business solutions, and it can be tricky picking one that best suits your needs. Read on for a rundown of our favourite eCommerce solutions – perfect for both the IT novice and pro – and how they can help your business.

Set up your free online store with Square.

Create a free Online Store with Square and start selling today!

All of the below integrate seamlessly with Square meaning you can manage your online and offline sales in one place.

1. Square Online

Expand your business’s digital presence with Square Online. An easy-to-use eCommerce site builder, Square Online lets you sell and ship orders to customers from across the country, giving your business a broader reach.

Better still, it’s free to get started. Use our handy web templates to quickly create your own online store, then click to publish without having to pay any upfront fees. You’ll only get charged when you make a sale.

Once your website is up and running, you can sync it with your Square POS system to import your item catalogue. Any sales will then automatically appear in your Dashboard – so, you’ll never have to switch between platforms again.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce’s online shops may look professional and endlessly chic, but this platform is designed for anyone to use. Even if you have no experience in web design to call on, you can still be the proud owner of a gorgeous website with online shopping capabilities built in.

With tricks including an abandoned basket saver, vouchers and discounting, BigCommerce can provide your brand with an online store that will help your business grow like never before. And because it’s a Square app partner, your online sales will appear alongside your offline sales in the Square Dashboard for simple, easy analysis.

3. Square Online Checkout

Looking for a fast way to get paid online? Square Online Checkout is here to help. Customise your checkout page to suit your business’s needs – whether it’s for clients booking a class, topping up a subscription or pre-paying for freelance work.

Once your checkout page is set up, you can share the payment link via email, add a buy button to your business blog or convert it into a QR code. Whatever your preference, Square Online Checkout can deliver. You can even sync up with Square Appointments so that customers can book and pay at the same time.

4. Ecwid

Ecwid is a powerful eCommerce tool that lets users add an online store to their website, open a Facebook store, take their online stores offline and add a shopping cart to their WordPress site. Whatever form your online presence has, chances are Ecwid has the solution for making it an eCommerce offering customers will love.

Despite all these capabilities, you won’t need to stretch your own – anyone can use Ecwid with a few simple clicks. Connect your Ecwid shops with Square and have all your sales channels covered. Whether you’re accepting payment online, in-person, via social media or through your website, Ecwid and Square makes it easy and simple to keep track of every sale you make.

5. WooCommerce

An eCommerce solution designed to slot seamlessly into your WordPress site. WooCommerce is a great choice for those who have already given their brand an online presence with WordPress, and now want to take the next step by opening an online store. An open source solution, if you have coding skills then you can make WooCommerce work your way.

Users will need a website running on WordPress to use WooCommerce, and a lively online community is able to help guide you if you’re not a fully-fledged coder. You can link your WooCommerce account to your Square dashboard, so you can easily track your online and offline sales together.

6. Magento

Start your omnichannel revolution with Magento. Flexible, open source software means that if you have some coding skills under your belt, you can customise this powerful tool to work precisely how you want it to. From virtual try-on tools to product bundling options, Magento is designed to help you grow your business.

Tie in your customised software with Square to manage your online and offline stores, inventory and customer database all in one place. Magento is the perfect solution for small business owners with the coding savvy to make a sales solution that completely fits their needs.

7. Zen Cart

Zen Cart is open source and hugely customisable, making it a great choice for small business owners with coding prowess or a desire to make their eCommerce system work precisely how they want and the budget to hire a pro coder.

Easily integrating with Square so you can have all your online and offline payments in one place, Zen Cart with make your website a fully-fledged online store.

Want to add some extra features to your online store? You’ll find several eCommerce integrations on our app marketplace that seamlessly work with your existing Square software. Browse the full range for additional features, such as shipping and recurring payment solutions.