5 Beauty and Wellness Trends to Watch in 2018

As 2018 begins, the beauty and wellness industries are bidding adieu to 2017 trends like unicorn hair and saying hello to meditation spaces. They’re also sticking with some lasting trends like beauty box subscriptions.

Here’s what will be hot in 2018, and how you can adapt these trends for your business.

Personalised skin and hair care

From DNA-sourced skincare to personalised shampoo, bespoke beauty products are exploding in popularity. Bespoke products give customers a personalised, elevated experience and provide more effective results.

Lancôme recently began offering custom-made foundation in Harrods. The process involves scanning a customer’s skin for the exact shade, customising the formula and preparing it immediately in the store. Brand Cosmetics à la carte has been offering bespoke lipsticks for several years now, allowing customers to meet with their experts to discuss which colours they desire and which would be best suited to their skin tone, shades are then professionally made in the lab and the final result is sent off via post. Pure Nuff Stuff is another brand that is already homing in on custom cosmetics, and even combine it with another topic at the heart of the modern beauty industry – environmental impact. The brand made the decision to ditch plastic in all of its products and packaging – it’s an example 2018 will likely see other brands make efforts to follow.

You can adapt a bespoke approach by including customised products in your own space — if you own a salon, consider selling customisable hair products — or have a specialist that can help customers select products specific to their needs such as colour-preserving conditioners which match the colour that was especially mixed for their highlights.

Clean beauty continues to dominate

It’s not just bettering their packaging efforts like Pure Nuff Stuff, brands will have to answer an ever-growing demand for clean beauty. Just as the organic health food trend continues to grow, consumers are now more inclined towards clean, healthful beauty products as well. From skincare products like charcoal face masks to makeup, brands are creating their own clean takes on products, while new product lines are becoming popular as well.

Clean beauty companies have found a key corner of the beauty market, where consumers who have turned to organic food and sustainable fashion can now apply this same mentality to their cosmetics. Replacing parabens and synthetics with botanic, all-natural ingredients, clean beauty offers a greener alternative that is winning many fans.

Beauty box subscriptions

With the rise of eCommerce, the subscription box industry has boomed. Over 89% of Brits subscribe to a product or a service, so now is surely the time to take advantage of this consumer trend and launch your own box in 2018.

Meditation studios

Brick-and-mortar locations for meditation and mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular. Lululemon is one such brand offering their customers more than a place to shop, but a space to enjoy morning yoga.

A burgeoning men’s market

Guys want to look good, too. And according to Google, there’s a strong opportunity in 2018 to educate men about different types of skincare products and how they work. Salons such as Ted’s Grooming Room and Sharps offer men the sort of experience – drinks offered, style advice, extras like scalp massage or facial hair grooming – that was usually reserved for women’s hairdressers, with male consumers having to settle for a quick ‘number 2’ shave routine at the local barbers. The Aveda Men pop up also gave centre stage to men’s beauty products and fragrance, proving that the demand for a bit of man-friendly pampering is certainly growing.

Consider setting men’s products up in a particular space, offering educational events for men to learn more, or even having a guy’s wellness specialist on tap for any questions they might have. If your business has products that will appeal to men looking to make their grooming less slap-dash and more effective, now is the time to join the men’s beauty revolution.

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