13 Podcasts Every Business Owner Should Listen To

When you’re a business owner, your nightstand (and online shopping cart) is usually stacked with books that promise to make you a better leader and a successful entrepreneur.

That would be great, except that you’re probably struggling to even read your texts. Enter podcasts.

They’re an incredibly easy way to consume news and information that affects your business, and you can listen to them in your car, on the train, at the gym or even when you’re working. Here are some of our favourites.

Best podcasts for straight-up business advice:

Entrepreneurs on Fire

High-energy host John Lee Dumas chats with guests, many of whom are fellow entrepreneurs, about a wide range of business-related topics and then ignites his listeners (the “Fire Nation”) with actionable lessons they can apply to their own companies.


Host Andrew Warner has interviewed over 1,000 entrepreneurs for his podcast. As he puts it, he asks “uncomfortable questions to dig deep into the success and failures of the most successful business founders and thought leaders.” He’s talked to people across industries and roles, so there’s something for everyone.

GirlBoss Radio

A podcast that focuses on girl power, GirlBoss features interviews from some of the world’s leading female entrepreneurs. Sharing stories of success, meaningful insight and valuable advice that can provide an essential reality check to chasing your business dreams while simultaneously equipping you with the knowledge you need to reach success.

Best podcasts for business news and analysis:

BBC Business Daily

This podcast from the BBC offers a global perspective on how world events affect (or could affect) business. An iundisputable leading name in world journalism, the BBC remains one of the most trustworthy sources of news.


The podcast counterpart of the bestselling book series, Freakonomics takes a look at the world of business and the world in general in a whole new way. From how changing every day behaviour can better the world of business to discussing the stupidest things you can do with your money, Freakonimics is a great resource for business-owners who want to keep their ideas fresh.

Peter Day’s World of Business

Another BBC podcast that features the same richness of media as its main business offering, with interviews, music and audio clips creating an immersive programme that takes an intriguing look at UK and international business. Examining business hot topics and analysing business happenings around the world, this is a great daily podcast for taking a deeper look at business news stories.

Best podcasts for storytelling in the business/startup world:


Season one of StartUp follows newbie entrepreneur Alex Blumberg as he embarks on a journey to create the podcast company Gimlet Media, or “what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one.” Subsequent seasons have alternated between focusing on just one company and sharing stories of many different companies that are all dealing with a challenge.

Soulful PR

A podcast led by award-winning journalist Janet Murray, Soulful PR is an essential listen for those who want to help their business pick up steam through the vital skill that is PR. Whether you’re wondering how to make quality content that will boost your engagement, or gain new customers, Janet and the experts she interviews have excellent advice to share.

How I Built This

This weekly podcast has founders of some of the world’s best-known companies and brands narrate their journeys from the very beginning. We’re talking big names — think Sara Blakely of SPANX, Richard Branson of Virgin, and Tony Hsieh of Zappos. It’s a great listen if you need a hefty dose of inspiration.

Best podcasts for the business of life:

HerMoney with Jean Chatzky

Personal finance guru Jean Chatzky is an author, and on her women-focused podcast she talks to expert guests about everything from starting your own business to millennial money concerns to making your retirement savings last. She also profiles inspiring women who have experienced the ups and downs of corporate life and are making it work in the business world.


Promoting mind management for the betterment of your life and your business, Changeability’s podcasts look beyond how you can act in order to make your business work better, and more at how you can behave and conduct yourself as a person in order to succeed as a business person. From employee management to self-motivation, consider this podcast a way of getting spiritually in touch with your inner entrepreneur.

The Broad Experience

British-born, New York-based public radio reporter Ashley Milne-Tyte’s podcast focuses on women and the workplace and covers topics like “leaning back” and generational conflict among colleagues. New episodes come out about every two weeks and, if you’re especially interested in the topic covered, the website includes links to further reading.

Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs has been running since 1942 — it’s a classic of Brittish radio broadcasting. While not all of the guests featured on the show are business people, those that are often provide a fascinating insight into how they’ve built their businesses. Bill Gates of Microsoft and Tim Martin of J D Wetherspoon are two recent examples.