Square Payments

Accept payments quickly, easily and securely.

Meet customers where they are with the
latest payments services. Square can help
you process nearly any kind of payment, any
way you want.

In person

Take any contactless, mobile or chip and PIN payment at the counter or on the go. Get the free Square POS app that works seamlessly with our range of hardware options.


Set up a free online store, sell through social media or integrate your current online store with our payment services. Square APIs and SDKs are free for developers to use.


Create and send digital invoices, let customers pay by card and track when you get paid. Or send your customers a checkout link to pay via text or email.

Manually entered

For taking payments over the phone, key in card information directly into your Square app or web browser.


Take contactless payments with just your iPhone or Android phone.

Accept contactless cards and digital wallets in person with Tap to Pay on iPhone or Tap to Pay on Android.

There are a lot of reasons to start selling with Square.

Keep more of what you make.

Save money on payment processing with simple,
transparent pricing, without weird or hidden fees.

Get up and running quickly.

Start taking payments right away – no lock-in contracts,
background checks or merchant accounts required.
Setup is easy.

Get paid fast, every time.

Transfer money into a bank account as soon as the next
working day, or instantly for a small fee.

Know what you’ll pay from the get-go.

In person

Processing rate


Processing method
  • Contactless payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • Chip and PIN payments


Processing rate

1.4% + 25p

UK card

2.5% + 25p

Non-UK card

Processing method
  • Online Store
  • Online Checkout
  • Online API

Manually entered

Processing rate


Processing method
  • Keyed-in transactions on the Square Point of Sale app
  • Card payments over the phone with Virtual Terminal
  • Keyed-in or card-on-file transactions for Square Invoices

Clear pricing

No complicated bills to deal with at the end of the month. You can log in and see your Square rate at any time in your Dashboard. Plus, no lock-in contracts.

Transparent rates

We have set processing rates for each payment method, so there are no surprises.

No hidden fees

No start-up fees, authorisation fees, statement fees, PCI-compliance fees, business card fees, terminal fees – you get the idea.

Hardware to help you sell any way you want.

Turn your iPad into a point of sale and take every kind of payment at your counter.

Why businesses prefer us.

The main benefit for us was the super easy user experience for the front-of-house team. Learning how to use the Square products was really seamless. ANNA MANSFIELD, Buns From Home Operations Manager Learn more → Anna-Buns from Home

Every payment you take comes with protection.

Learn more about security

You don’t fight fraud alone.

Machine learning analyses every payment you process. Fraud experts reach out if they notice anything unusual.

Dispute management is on us.

We don’t charge you when a customer disputes a payment. We deal with their bank for you.

PCI compliance included.

Our products help maintain compliance with PCI security guidelines, so you don’t have to pay extra for data security.

Enhanced account protection.

Our tools include Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This includes 3D-Secure 2-step verification for online card payments.

Start taking payments today.

Accept payments quickly. Get paid fast.


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