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Dedicated partner manager

Work with a Square expert to identify, strategise and capitalise on unique opportunities to grow your business with us.

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Create new revenue streams by sharing in profit generated through the partnership.

Enhanced discoverability

We’ll discuss bespoke co-marketing and sales enablement opportunities.

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  • How can I list an app in the Square App Marketplace?

    Any developer can use Square APIs to build and launch an app in the Square App Marketplace, provided they follow our terms of service and complete the required steps. Get started by logging in to your Square Developer account and creating an app.

  • Do I need to be a partner to publish an app in the Square App Marketplace?

    By publishing in the Square App Marketplace, you’re automatically considered an app partner. Some developers and larger companies can apply for additional benefits, such as a dedicated partner manager and profit share.

  • How long does it take to list an app in the Square App Marketplace?

    The time it takes to launch your application in the Square App Marketplace can vary based on several factors:

    1. Application readiness
    Developers who have already built and tested their applications thoroughly will have the shortest time to launch. Those who have yet to work out bugs or apps that are not fully integrated will take longer to launch and will have a more involved review process.

    2. Wireframe and QA testing
    All apps will go through a QA process to ensure they meet technical and usability requirements ahead of launch. Should your app fail to meet our requirements, expect to spend some additional time rectifying any finds prior to getting approval to launch. Apps that have yet to be built or that have a good amount of development work remaining will likely have a more involved wireframing process.

    3. Content listing
    Those who work on their Square App Marketplace listing content in parallel with their build accelerate their launch timeline. We recommend you submit your marketing content at the same time as you submit your app for technical review.

  • I submitted an application for additional partner benefits. What happens next?

    You will receive an update via email on the status of your application. If we determine that you are not a candidate for additional benefits, you can still build and list your app on the Square App Marketplace.

  • What are the reasons my application would not be approved?

    Square focuses our partner management resources on opportunities that will have the highest impact for many sellers. We are selective because we want to ensure that new partners can help solve problems and meet the strategic needs of many sellers. We also want to ensure that there is a strong enough demand for your app.

  • Where can I stay informed about the Square partner programmes?

    Subscribe to our emails to receive the latest news and announcements across the Square partnerships community. In the field above, simply opt for ‘Partner programme news’ and submit your email address.