Help your audience and yourself with the Square Affiliate Programme.

Earn when your referrals complete a revenue-generating event across any of Square’s eligible products.

Eligible products include…

Square Payments

Square Hardware

Square Retail

Square Appointments

Square for Restaurants

Square Invoices

Square Point of Sale

Square Virtual Terminal

Square Online


Commissions, Account Info and Reporting

  • How does the affiliate programme know when I should receive credit for an order?

    Partnerize tracks a cookie that is automatically applied to the computer of a person who clicks a banner or text link that has your account ID number embedded within it. Each banner or link that you create is specifically tagged with your Partnerize ID number, letting us know that you deserve commission on the activations/sales you send our way. You can access all of these banners and links by logging in to your Partnerize Account and choosing from any of the banners or simple text links available.

  • When and how do I get paid?

    Partnerize will pay your monthly commission by either cheque or direct deposit around the 15th of the following month. Your account needs to have a balance of £50 or more before the end of the month in order to receive a payment. Otherwise, it will continue to roll forward into the next month until the £50 minimum is reached and we can issue a payment.

  • What is your return days or cookie policy?

    If a visitor comes to our website from your website but doesn’t convert on that visit, you can still earn commission on sales from that customer if they return and activate within 30 days. This works even if they navigate directly to the website on a return visit as long as they haven’t deleted their cookies.

  • Do I earn commission credits if someone clicks a product on my site and then buys a different product?

    Select events and product purchases are eligible for commission currently. This is subject to change over time. Please contact the dedicated programme manager for further detail on current billable events.

  • How do product returns and account deactivations affect my commission?

    Transactions and sales will remain as ‘pending’ until the 15th of the following month to allow us to review and either approve or reject based on the validity of the account activation and/or hardware sale. Reasons for rejected transactions/sales can include but are not limited to: customers returning a product for a refund, invalid account information during registration duplicate tracking, fraudulent sign-ups and/or activations, activations that violate Square’s Payment Terms or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud.