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How Order Ahead Made Merchandise Sales Easier and Faster for Dave Matthews Band

Aloompa and Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band Fall Tour

Business Type: Retail
Nashville, TN

Our Story

Kurt Nelson, Drew Burchfield, and Tyler Seymour have a passion for live events and extensive backgrounds in entertainment. While working on tour together, they saw an opportunity to change the live event experience. They formed Aloompa in 2008.

After some testing—and motivation from Kenny Chesney—they pointed their efforts toward creating new mobile experiences for event spaces. As they grew, they integrated more technology into their products, including location-based beacons.

Today, Aloompa has the world’s leading event proximity platform and continues to innovate the way attendees experience live events, from planning out which shows to see to when and where to buy merchandise.

Cut down lines, increase customer satisfaction

Waiting in line to buy merchandise at a large arena concert can take up a lot of attendees’ time. Some concertgoers decide to purchase merchandise during band sets to avoid lines. But then they miss out on the event they paid to experience. The alternative is going in between sets and waiting in a much longer line with everyone else who had the same idea.

For bands like The Dave Matthews Band, merchandise is a huge draw for attendees. They have been selling out arenas across the United States since 1990 and have a large base of loyal fans who purchase merchandise at every one of their concerts. For these fans, choosing between watching their favorite band and buying their merchandise can lead to frustration.

To make sure their fans never miss a song, The Dave Matthews Band partnered with Aloompa to use its LiveOrder platform, powered by Square payments, at select concerts. LiveOrder enables attendees to order merchandise through the Aloompa app, skip the lines, and spend more time enjoying the event. And without the pressure of choosing merchandise in person, attendees are able to spend more time deciding what to purchase, and often end up purchasing more.

To use the app, event attendees just have to select the pickup location and items they would like to purchase, check out with payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and
then head to a dedicated Order Ahead pickup location.

Through a private URL, event attendees access a mobile optimized web page where they can select the pickup location and items they would like to purchase, check out with payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and then head to a dedicated Order Ahead pickup location.

“In a word, the keystone of our Order Ahead platform is convenience. Square’s powerful SDK and API integration solutions empower us to deliver on this goal for both our clients and end-users. Square’s order and inventory management platform is easy for us to set up and maintain, while their accelerated payment capabilities allow us to accept end-user payments quickly, simply, and securely.” - Drew Burchfield, Aloompa Co-Founder


Combining systems to create a more powerful experience

By relying on Square to process payments, Aloompa is able to focus on building the best order ahead experience for their customers, letting Square handle the rest. With Square you can easily integrate payments to create a customizable solution that meets specific business needs. For Aloompa, that meant an easy-to-use and trustworthy app experience.

Aloompa also relies on flexible solutions to create better experiences for venue workers. The seamless integration between LiveOrder and Square is built for easy use and minimal training.

“Even as we’re afforded the flexibility to configure solutions to our clients’ unique needs, the simplicity of Square’s POS solution enables us to get projects off the ground quickly, as well as empower our clients to take control of their own system with minimal training. Square helps us streamline transactions so that we continue to be successful in improving the fan experience via our mobile offering.” - Drew Burchfield, Aloompa Co-Founder

Securely process payments

Security is of the utmost importance when you’re processing a large volume of transactions. By processing payments through Square, Aloompa and the Dave Matthews Band can be confident that their high volume of transactions are secure.

Square protects customer data through end-to-end encryption that makes sure that payments are secure throughout the transaction. We also monitor transactions to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

“We don’t want to spend time thinking about processing and security at the peak of event order ahead activity, so we need our payments processor to be as fast, painless, and secure as possible.” - Drew Burchfield, Aloompa Co-Founder

Transparency and real-time updates make running a business easy

When most of your payments take place through an app, transparency and analytics are key. Aloompa is able to integrate with Square to better understand what their customers are buying and when they’re buying. And with orders coming through different channels, an inventory that updates in real-time is crucial.

“On the business front, we value transparency and consistency on fee structure, flexibility on contract terms, and getting the money deposited as quickly as possible after an event. On the technical front, we need to have confidence that our sales and inventory are updating in real-time, so we can make adjustments as necessary.” - Drew Burchfield, Aloompa Co-Founder

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