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Extracting knowledge from data.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, the data science, data engineering, product analytics, business intelligence analytics, and marketing analytics teams work together to detect fraud, assess credit risk, and predict customer behavior—all of which help our sellers succeed.

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Data at Square.

“I love Square's data community. We’re smart, kind, humble people whose common goal is to make an impact on Square and our sellers through data. I'm honored to be part of it!”

Data roles.

Data Engineering

Build data pipelines and curated datasets that move data across systems efficiently and reliably. Contribute to our data infrastructure, shaping our state-of-the-art data platform.

Product Analytics

Use data to improve all aspects of our business. Partner with product teams to design end-to-end analytics solutions with actionable insights.

Business Intelligence Analytics

Mine data to understand industry standards and cost reduction opportunities. Determine market and business trends for Square to increase profits and efficiency.

Data Science

Drive actionable insights into customer behavior, operational efficiency, and risk. Distill questions, wrangle data, and elevate decisions derived from our unique, rich, and rapidly growing data sources.

Marketing Analytics

Synthesize insights, build infrastructure, and develop actionable strategies to scale marketing investments and optimize ROI.