Offline Mode for Square Point of Sale

Swipe credit cards without a connection.

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No signal, no problem.

With Offline Mode from Square, your business always stays up—even when your signal goes down. Swiped credit card payments taken offline are automatically queued and processed when your connection comes back.

State-of-the-art security.

All data from swiped credit cards collected in Offline Mode is encrypted and stored securely on the device for up to 72 hours. When connectivity is established, payment data is transferred to Square servers and deleted from the device.

Check before you swipe.

When you swipe credit cards in Offline Mode, you’re responsible for any expired or declined transactions or resulting chargebacks. Before you accept a credit card offline, be sure to check the name and expiration on the card to ensure it’s valid. You can also reduce your risk by setting a per-transaction limit for offline payments.


Canadian businesses of all types and sizes get paid anywhere, anytime with Offline Mode.

We did over $300,000 in transactions in 2 days at the music festival. The network was overwhelmed and we had to do a lot of transactions in Offline Mode. The system worked great.

Neon Desert Music Festival