How We Protect Your Business with Square Secure

Running a business is tough work. There are customers to attend to and inventory to think about and employees to manage — your to-do list is never-ending. Then you have the security of your payments to worry about. Is your data safe? Are you processing fraudulent payments? That’s where Square Secure comes in.

At Square, we help you protect your business so you can focus on your next sale. That’s why Square Secure is included for free with every Square account and provides the support your business needs to thrive.

Protect your payments with Square

Taking credit card payments comes with risks, but with Square you have a partner in managing that risk. From fraud monitoring to dispute management, security is part of every payment you take with Square.

Here’s how the program protects your business:

Payment disputes

With any credit card transaction, there’s a chance a customer will dispute a purchase. Not an expert in the credit card dispute process? Don’t worry, we have your back. Square Secure services include:

  • A dedicated disputes team: Square’s experts will walk you through the process of challenging and resolving disputes with your customer’s bank.
  • Dispute management: Our Disputes Dashboard makes it easy to submit all the necessary documents so your customer’s bank can make a ruling on the dispute. Unlike other payment processors, we don’t charge a $15 to $25 fee for each dispute.

Fraud and account takeover protection

Our team of fraud prevention experts has an eye on your account 24/7. We take a holistic look at the entire Square ecosystem to analyze a wide variety of signals and identify fraud trends.

  • Staying ahead of fraud: We’re constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity. We use machine learning and live monitoring to analyze transactions as they happen.
  • Advanced account takeover prevention: Customize your security by adding two-factor authentication, employee permissions, and account change notifications.

Advanced security

Square protects your data like our business depends on it––because it does. As industry leaders in security and the merchant of record for every transaction, we’re committed to keeping your business safe.

  • End-to-end encryption: More than 70 percent of data attacks target small businesses. We protect your data with industry-standard security and develop all our software in-house.
  • PCI Level 1 compliance: 65 percent of small businesses fall short of minimum payment card compliance requirements. We handle your compliance assessments ourselves, saving you up to $5,000 annually in PCI consulting fees, not to mention the penalties you can incur if your business is found noncompliant. Learn more about PCI compliance.

Knowledge and tools

As we see it, your business’s success is Square’s success. We’ve created a set of resources and new tools to keep you organized and prepared.

  • Square Secure profile: Your encrypted, private profile stores documentation that helps us get a clear picture of the business you run and how you run it. This also allows us to assess potential risks and unusual activity.
  • A library of resources: We have a large collection of education resources and a seller community where you can ask questions of other sellers who can provide insight based on their own experiences.
  • Innovative business tools: We know how important it is to stay up to date and organized when it comes to your bottom line. We’re always developing new tools to help you avoid payment disputes and save money. Check out a few of our contract templates to help you out.
  • Support: Our support team works side by side with our product, design, and engineering departments to maximize your customer experience. We’re ready to help you via phone, email, and social media.