How to Create a Sustainable Facebook Content Plan

“Content is king.” You’ve heard it many times before — it’s straight from the mouth of Bill Gates.

So, you know your Facebook Business Page needs a steady flow of engaging content to make it successful. That being said, it can be hard to figure out what (and when) to post, especially when you’re also running your business.

Here’s how to kick off your content plan and maintain it with ease.

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Your brand has core values, value propositions, and initiatives that you want to highlight in your Facebook content. Start by identifying four to six content themes to inspire your posts. This helps you drive education, consideration, and awareness for your brand.

Here are some themes to pick from:

  • Brand education: What should customers understand first and foremost so that your business appeals to them? Dedicate this theme to the basics: posts that help explain what you do, where you are, and who you serve. If your business has a mission or if you support a specific cause, you can introduce it in this theme.
  • Brand updates and announcements: Whether they’re big or small, updates straight from the office of your business may warrant a post to keep your community in the loop, especially when they’re timely. A new product in stock, a limited-time arrival, a recently opened storefront, or major staff changes are all solid picks for this theme.
  • Behind-the-scenes content: Your community will enjoy a peek at what makes your business unique. Sharing good-spirited photos or videos of subjects like new products, a work in progress, or “family photos” of your staff or customers (with their permission, of course) are all transparent pieces of content that can engage your audience in a genuine way.
  • Social good and community causes: Is your business making a positive impact in your community? Create graphics or post photos that show the results of your fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, or donation drives. It connects your brand with your community on a welcome human level and drives positive engagement.
  • Redeemable offers: Conveniently, themes can be totally in line with what you have planned on email or other marketing channels. Share coupon codes, free shipping, or limited-time offers on your page with your followers as they come.

Brainstorm a content template for each theme, then determine how often per week, or month, you want the posts to populate your content calendar. Here are some template examples to get started.

  • Employee spotlights for your behind-the-scenes theme: Pick a day each week to introduce a new employee to your Facebook community. They can introduce who they are, their position, and their favorite things on your menu or in your catalogue. The goal is to build familiarity with your followers and make them feel part of your community.
  • Fan Friday for your redeemable offers theme: Post about a special offer just for your Facebook community members each Friday. Whether it’s a free cookie with the purchase of a coffee or 20% off an in-store purchase with a unique 24-hour code, they’ll look forward to it and likely share the offer with their friends.
  • “Did you know?” features for your brand education theme: Periodically, create a piece of content sharing something with your community they probably didn’t know. How is your main product made? How did your company get its start? How many cities to date have you shipped to? Fun facts serve as reminders of your company’s mission and can be engaging and teachable tools.

After you select content themes and set up recurring streams of posts, creating new content will be a speedy, turnkey process for your Facebook page.

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