Set Up Your Menu Or Inventory In Square Point of Sale

Add something new to your list of things that are totally worth the effort: Creating an item library in Square Point of Sale. Whether you’re starting a restaurant, opening a bar, or ramping up a retail store, having a library of available items in your facility is important. If you’ve been putting this task off, here are five reasons you shouldn’t wait any longer. And even better, we have a way to get even the largest item libraries set up:

1. Speed through your line

When you input your menu or inventory into Square Point of Sale, you’ll ring up sales faster and avoid errors.

2. Give your customers better receipts

Automatic itemized receipts help your customers with expenses, taxes, or budget tracking.

3. See what’s selling

Selling by item allows you to look at your sales by product and by product category.

4. Never run out

Choose to track inventory levels on any item you sell and get alerts when stock is low.

5. Manage just one library

Your Square item library integrates across Square Point of Sale, and you can update an entire account or by location from your Square Dashboard.

Lots of items to set up?

With our Bulk Item Import tool, you can set up or modify many items at once. Check it out.

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