Accept Contactless Payments with Jane’s Clinic Management Solution - Now Integrated with Square

As the healthcare industry adapts to evolving guidelines, Jane has partnered with Square to provide allied health clinics with the opportunity to accept contactless payments with Square Terminal – the all-in-one credit card and debit machine that is now fully integrated with Jane.

What is Jane?

Jane was founded in 2012, when co-founder Alison Taylor struggled to find the right software to run her healthcare clinic, Canopy, in North Vancouver, Canada. She turned to co-founder Trevor Johnston, who built an online booking and electronic medical records system for Canopy. What started as a simple solution to a problem turned into Jane, a global online clinic management solution that helps clinicians book, chart, schedule, and invoice for services. Jane is a web-based application designed for any type of clinic and currently serves thousands of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, mental health providers, and more in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia.

How does Jane integrate with Square?

Until now, clinics using Jane used legacy payment devices that did not connect to Jane. Clinicians would start the checkout process in Jane, enter the final amount on the payment device, give the device to the client for payment, and then manually mark the service as paid in Jane. This manual process didn’t align with Jane’s mission. “For a solo practitioner, any time saved on administrative tasks means more personal time with the patient,” said Kevin Byers, Director of Payments at Jane. “That’s what Jane is for—to reduce the administrative burden. We were looking for a payments provider that also valued making the lives of our clinicians easier.” To solve this pain point, Jane integrated with Square to enable clinics to accept in-person payments using the Square Terminal device.

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What is the benefit to clinics?

This integration provides a seamless point of sale checkout experience, so Jane clinics no longer have to manually key in an amount prior to every sale. Instead, they can accept contactless in-person payments with Square Terminal at a comfortable distance, keeping clients and staff a little safer. Whether a client taps their card, phone, or smartwatch or swipes or dips their credit or debit card – including Interac Debit – payments are automatically recorded in Jane.

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