Introducing Square Marketing

Square Marketing

You’ve been patiently waiting, and it’s finally arrived – Square Marketing. Now you can create essential marketing campaigns in just minutes, then send and track to see how well your campaigns perform.

With Square’s powerful marketing platform, you can design custom campaigns with ease, automate your campaigns and even see how your efforts affect your overall profitability – all from right within your Square Dashboard.

Expanding your reach – one sale at a time.

Collecting customer emails is easy and built into the software. No more signup forms. To help you remain in compliance with Canadian regulations on the collection of email addresses, you collect addresses via a unique QR code, allowing customers to give their consent for your email messages. You can even upload your existing customer list.

Automatically created targeted groups and lists. Think new customers, regulars, or ones you haven’t seen in a while – these can all be separate mailing lists, letting you tailor campaigns based on past actions of your customers.

When you want to know how your marketing is working – or isn’t – see your marketing efforts’ analytics right in your Square Dashboard.

Get Started with Square Marketing

Email marketing that turns occasionals into regulars.

What Else Does Square Marketing Offer?

Sales and discount tracking. Marketing and coupons are both built into your POS, so you can see at a glance how many people have redeemed coupons or shopped sales and track the information back to your marketing efforts – in one spot.

On-demand reporting. You can grab a quick real-time report whenever you want, wherever you are. You can instantly see how successful a campaign is, and the profits generated from each promotion are front and center.

Open and click-through rates. When you use Square Marketing, you can keep tabs on how many customers open your emails, how many then click on something in the email, and the number of customers who made a purchase thanks to your promotion.

Square Marketing – It’s Finally Here!

Square Marketing’s email marketing and automation software lets you stay in touch and communicate with your buyers via email and social media campaigns (such as Facebook and Instagram). The full feature-set of Square Marketing lets you:

  • Build beautiful campaigns with simple templates
  • Create email lists (targeted list ideas include new, regular, and past customers)
  • Set up manual and triggered campaigns
  • Easily add discounts
  • Track performance metrics, such as sales, discounts, open rates, and clicks)
  • Collect customer contacts at the POS right from your Square Dashboard or upload via CSV.

Our unfair advantage comes with being seamlessly integrated with Customer Directory and the rest of your Square ecosystem:

  • Collect email and opt-in at the POS
  • Auto-receipts
  • Full-funnel conversion attribution
  • Targeting and items-based filtering
  • Leverage the data across your Square products to create unique value for your business, a differentiator to standalone 3P platforms.

The Power of Square Marketing

With Square Marketing, you can build long-lasting relationships with your customers with email campaigns that are easy to create, send and track. Best of all, it’s built into your POS, so email collection is done right at checkout. Square Marketing helps you:

Build a contact list easily. Collect emails right at the point of sale automatically or upload an existing list to your Customer Directory.

Create emails that suit your brand in a matter of minutes. Choose from ready-made design templates that are customizable with your own brand, images, fonts, and colors.

Send targeted campaigns. Marketing comes with “smart lists” so that you can email new customers, lapsed customers, or regular customers. Or, create your own filters using transaction data, for example by basket size or coffee purchases, to reach the customers you want.

Automate your marketing. Set it and forget it with email automation that reaches your customers at the right moments. Whether that is a welcome email or birthday surprise, automation makes it simple.

Track results on your Square Dashboard in real-time. View and analyze the impact of your campaigns, promotions, and marketing efforts all within Square.

With Square Marketing, you can also:

Manage CASL requirements. Square Marketing’s signup forms, campaigns and opt-in process protects your customers’ data and help you comply with Canadian regulations.

Enable seamless coupon redemption. Send customers coupons via SMS, email or Facebook and let them redeem in-store or online.

Create better campaigns with Marketing Assistant. Marketing Assistant sends you real-time reports and pre-designed campaigns to connect with customers while you are on the go.

It’s finally here! Get started with Square Marketing.