How to Use Data to Find Your Superstar Employees

Employees are the backbone of your business. But managing staff can be time-consuming and challenging when you’re running the show. Motivation is key to keeping employees engaged and productive, and it’s important to address any potential conflicts that may affect efficiency.


HR expert Kim Scott has worked with companies ranging from Google to Apple, DropBox and Twitter. She suggests setting your eyes on superstars (those who lead and push for growth) and rock stars (people who add stability but are not after the boss’ job). Both are needed to make your business shine.

Building a team of superstars and rock stars starts with trust — employees who feel trusted are more likely to be efficient, bring energy to the team and collaborate well with others. On the other hand, micromanaging, or constantly verbally checking in on your employees, can make them feel less trusted. To identify your star players (and the ones who need more support), you need to get a firsthand sense of how proficient and engaged all your employees are.

Square Employee Management provides a wealth of information to help you spot your stars, especially if you don’t have time to be physically present at all your locations. Each industry has key performance indicators, such as the amount in tips or revenue brought in per hour. And the data from this feature can help you assess your workforce, which, in turn, may help you decide who you can trust with higher permission levels in the system (which is easy to adjust in Employee Management). The following Employee Management functions can help you assess individual performance and reward the right people for a job well done:

Find the most efficient employees.

Retail business owners can look at revenue per labour hour to identify which employees are the most efficient and effective. Take a look at who is bringing in the most sales during their shifts to get an idea of who needs more coaching and who should be rewarded.

Keep an eye on the time.

We all have days when life gets in the way, but repeat tardiness is cause for concern. If employees clock in and out directly at the point of sale when they start and stop their shifts, you can see exactly when they arrive and when they leave. Remember to reward the rock stars who are always on time while you’re reprimanding those who are consistently late.

Compare sales reports.

In addition to revenue per labour hour, you can view the performance of all your employees side by side by looking at their sales reports. Choose any combination of employees to see at a glance if someone is knocking it out of the park. You can also compare locations to get a sense of where your strongest sales people are located.

Look at tip volume.

Good tips usually mean happy customers. Employee Management lets you see how many tips each of your employees received on their shifts, so you can quickly spot those who provided excellent service on a given day (or week, or month).

Learn more about how Square Employee Management can help you spot your superstars and motivate them to succeed.