How to Get Started with Gift Cards

Gift cards make great gifts — Canadians spend an average of $200 on them every year — but selling them isn’t always great for small businesses. Offering the perfect gift can get weighed down by third-party subscription costs and tricky tracking. That’s why we made Square gift cards so easy to sell.

gift cards picture

Gift cards ordered through Square are integrated into Square Point of Sale and Dashboard, which makes them simple to sell, redeem, track and reload. Just swipe them like a regular credit card. There are no subscription or redemption fees, and the cards start as low as US$1 per card (plus shipping, duty and taxes). Your normal processing rates apply to credit card purchases of gift cards, but you don’t have to wait around to receive the funds. The money from an activated gift card is transferred in one or two business days, just like any other card payment.

Every time your customer gives friends or family one of your gift cards, you’ve just grown your customer base and your sales (hello, word-of-mouth marketing). It’s a golden opportunity to expand your brand, and we’ve made it easy if you want to upload your own graphics or work with our vendor on custom-designed cards. Or you can add your business name to one of our fun templates if you’re looking for a quicker turnaround and a smaller order.

Once you load your gift cards, you can keep tabs on the spending of new vs. returning customers by checking out the stats on your Square Dashboard. You can easily export a gift card sales report to take a look at all the gift cards issued and their outstanding balances.

Ready to get gifting? Place an order today: Custom cards have a minimum order of 500 cards and a production time of 15 days, and template cards have a minimum order of 125 cards and take three production days.