Creating Facebook CTAs to Drive Your Business Goals

You’ve created a Facebook for Business page. Now you’re working to engage new and current customers, build your community, and spread awareness for your business. (If you haven’t done that quite yet, we can help with that here.)

You’re likely building out your content plan, and you’re thinking about what types of content resonate best with your community. In addition to building engaging content, you need to publish posts with effective calls to action (CTAs).

To create a CTA, think strategically about the action you want your audience to take (something that’s beyond only a “Like” on your content). That action should ladder up to the goals you’ve set for your page.

Button CTAs on your Facebook page

On the top right of your owned Facebook for Business page, there’s a blue button. You can change what that button says to create a clear CTA for your page.

Facebook CTA

  • Learn more: This serves as a catch-all CTA to drive traffic to a site, informative video, or page that helps educate your customers. Link out to your website homepage, mission page, or a key campaign.
  • Book now: True to its name, this is a perfect CTA for businesses that aim to encourage reservations, meetings, or appointments.
  • Contact us: If you select the “contact” option, you can choose whether you’d prefer customers to contact you via Facebook Messenger, email, phone, or newsletter sign-up. This is ideal for when you want to open up lines of communication for customer questions or needs. Think about which channel you’re most likely to check consistently (you don’t want consumers to be met with radio silence) and the best way for viewers to get in touch with you for a great experience.
  • Shop now: Once selected, Facebook gives you the option to create a “Shop Now” button that drives to your online store, or a “See Offers” for special promotions.

Facebook CTA creation screenshot

Individual Post CTAs

As you build your content calendar, keep in mind that you can utilize any of the CTA features below to strategically drive special engagement.

  • Offer a discount or coupon code: One of the best ways to track how well your Facebook posts are resonating with your community (and being shared with new customers) is to create a unique discount code from your page.
  • Create an event invitation: Spread the word about an upcoming event (virtual or physical) by creating an “event.” This gives you the opportunity to share a quick description, dates and times, associated pages and hosts, and additional details.
  • Post a quick update: You’ll notice that when you start to create a post, Facebook gives you the ability to include content like photos or videos, product tags, polls, milestones, directions, and more. Take a peek and see if any of these CTAs can work for your update before you publish.