Your security is in our best interest.

A complete payments security platform

As the merchant of record, we’re mutually aligned to protect you and your customers. Our reputation and our business are at stake when our sellers take payments, so protecting payment data is core to what we do. We manage the security of your payments from end to end.

PCI compliance

Wherever you use Square in your organization, we make compliance easy. We handle the expense and time investment of dealing with assessors, SAQ requirements and audits — and we charge no fees for staying compliant on your behalf.

Industry-leading security

We invest heavily in security technology and build it into every aspect of Square’s payments platform. In addition to this, we are ISO 27001 certified.

Secure payment data

From the time the customer uses a credit card or enters their information into our solutions, payment data is encrypted until it reaches Square’s processing environment. Our proprietary tokenization scheme ensures that unencrypted payment data never touches your device or application.

Secure hardware

Square manufactures all our own hardware. Security is engineered into every product from the ground up. It all comes out of the box with end-to-end encryption.

Secure organization

It’s not enough to create secure card readers and defense-in-depth on our servers. We’ve created an entire vulnerability management suite within Square to stress-test our systems and keep ahead of malicious actors.

Proactive compliance

As the merchant of record, Square takes on the burden of PCI compliance for our sellers.

Reduced costs

It’s costly to cover PCI on your own. Let Square handle assessors, SAQ requirements, and audits, and forget about developing and managing a compliance team.

Full security suite

We don’t just cover data security. Square takes on the burden of staying secure. No checklists, assessments or audits required. And our hardware/readers have end-to-end encryption out of the box with no configuration required.

Compliance professionals

We’re on the PCI Board of Advisors and work with the payments industry on the ongoing development and evolution of the PCI Security Standards. Some of our innovative technologies have paved the way for the industry to create new compliance standards.

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