Scalable solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

No matter if you’re just starting out or looking at your next location, Square has customizable solutions for your business size.

“We realized that Square was really innovating in terms of customer and fan engagement, which is exactly what we were after to achieve our goal of becoming cashless and contactless.”

Ziad Mehio

Vice President, Technology and Food Service, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corp (CSEC)

An all-in-one solution for payments, POS, scheduling, online sales and more.

Tired of having multiple systems that don’t work together? Square’s integrated POS and payment tools bring it all together on one platform.

“We needed a turnkey system that was all-in-one, where we didn’t need to buy different software or equipment. We wanted something that would be simple for both the customer and the guide, as well as for business administration purposes. We really wanted an easy system, and Square was perfect.”

Karl Magnone

President, Tite Frette
Microbrew, Wine & Cider Store

Features that continue to develop.

As your business grows, so does Square. Learn how these Canadian businesses have scaled to multiple locations.

“We’ve seen an increase in customers of almost 15% to 20% since we got Square.”

Dimitri Chapuis

President, Administrator, Papillote et Cie
Italian Cuisine

Here’s what their customers are saying.

Ease of use for both business and customer, here’s what customers of Square sellers have to say.

“It works wonderfully for us, but even better for our customers. It’s very fast and efficient and it gives our customers the option to make payments with multiple methods of payment on a single transaction.”

Carmine Golemme

Owner, Classic Performance
Classic Car Restorations